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Hookup Hotshot

Hookup Hotshot

Review date: 15-Oct-2015 20:47. Internet dating and internet porn. One would think these are sort of mutually exclusive. But this dude here at Hookup Hotshot kinda proves you wrong. This young, raw, ambitious new site shows what happens when a hipsterish-looking stud hooks up with all sorts of young silly hoes from dating sites and does depraved shit to them, spits on them, assfucks them in public, and more. Let’s see!

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Hookup Hotshot

Intro promises:
We love sites that are made by this one person who is there somewhere, talking to you, posting things on the site and generally making you feel that you are dealing with an actual human being and not some sort of corporate business machine. Even though Hookup Hotshot is a fancy-looking site with a trendy design and cool ass production, it does have this personalized vibe to it. Turns out there is this dude with the clever name of Bryan Gozzling (lol). Looks like he’s always been lucky with young bimbos off them dating sites. That’s right, he fucked a great many of them, and he made a lot of them do a great many depraved things. So literally as one of them was licking his wad off the floor, he thought this is a great idea for a porn site. This is how Hookup Hotshot begain. Here, Bryan posts videos with all the young cute chicks he meets online. Some chatting, and the hoe is ready. He’s not the guy to mess around. This tattooed hipsterish-looking stud cuts straight to the chase. You have no idea how wild and depraved these reality fuck flicks are. When it all ends, the girl’s face is covered in spit, both his and hers, her pussy is completely destroyed, her ass hurts like hell, and she generally feels completely out of this world. Well, in a good way. See the trailers, dude, it’s insane!

Let’s cut the bullshit here, that’s what you always wanted to do. You always wanted to pick up silly sexy sluts on online dating sites and just fuck them senseless. Real hard. Till they beg for mercy – not that would help them in any way. Hookup Hotshot is exactly about that. The site provides a really nice user experience. First, and we have already mentioned that, it has this personalized feel. You’ll see blog posts by Bryan, and Hookup Hotshot has other perks that set it apart from the crowd as well. Then, of course, it’s the high definition content. The best you can get are 1080p HD movies, but there are 720p and other quality modes as well, of course. Plus photos. And then, of course, there is the best part. This mofo is so fucking nasty you will be begging him to stop. It’s almost like you feel sorry for these poor ass bitches, right? But don’t. Let’s just watch them get fucked without any limits! Anything goes, spitting, gagging, slapping, squeezing, and then spitting again. Plus, extreme anal, choking, and much, much more. Hookup Hotshot is filled with episodes that will put your acceptance of porn to a test. Well, kinda. The site is full of color and fun and action and depravity, and you are going to love it. This dude really does everything he wants. Whether or not it will be an inspiration to you, we don’t know. Well, don’t get yourself arrested!

Hookup Hotshot is all about meeting hot chicks online and then spitting in their buttholes and fucking them raw. This is pretty much what’s going on here. The site is run by this dude with a clever porn moniker of Bryan Gozzling. You have no idea how many young bimbos he has fucked already. And he’s not going to stop! Check out Hookup Hotshot for original HD videos and tons of truly depraved fun!

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