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Hot Sticky Loads

Hot Sticky Loads

Review date: 13-Oct-2017 07:59. Ah, the cumshot. It’s an image we all know and love: cum on her face, cum on her tits, cum on everything in sight… And here’s a site that specializes in our beloved man goo. Or so we would think, judging by the name Hot Sticky Loads. Does it deliver? Sadly, not quite as much as I’d hoped.

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Hot Sticky Loads

Intro promises:
You may recognize this site’s format if you’ve seen any of the other sites by this publisher, like adultland and dirtysweetteens. As usual, the site’s name isn’t a true indication of what’s here. This site is called Hot Sticky Loads, right? Ok, so here I am on the homepage, and half the links here are general adult content with no particular focus on the aforementioned loads. Where’re the loads, dammit?

Don’t get me wrong, the site does have its merits. Glory Hole, for instance, has a series of streams in which, as they put it, “the neighborhood sluts convene to suck on huge unknown cocks.” I giggled as I watched the female star give head to anonymous dicks, one after another, through a hole in the wall, while a porno played on a TV behind her. It didn’t necessarily turn me on, but it was entertaining indeed! Too bad the picture was really dark at times. In Your Face has downloadable movies, which allow for a much better picture. But the acting is so ridiculously awful that you’ll want to fast-forward through any parts where the “actors” are still clothed. Meanwhile, the videos in Fellatio Fanatics wouldn’t load (no pun intended), so I didn’t get to watch girls who could “suck the chrome off a tailpipe,” despite my desire to. There are many other video categories, but I kept having trouble loading the videos and gave up after a few tries. Not unusual with these sites, which as I’ve said before, place quantity before quality. Yes, there are hundreds of things to look at here; however, most of them are blurred or don’t work.

There is a photo gallery called, appropriately, Hot Sticky Loads, but even there the photos are heavily load-free. Plus, lots of them are blurry, and many of them look very dated, like something from a girlie mag leftover from the ’80s.

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