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Review date: 23-Apr-2013 05:42. Ever experienced something called POV humiliation? It’s surely a trend in today’s femdom erotica, dominant ladies weakening and taunting you while looking straight into the camera. Humiliatrix is a great new site where all sorts of sexy and powerful ladies will boss you around and turn you into a total sissy. The site is looking great and it’s offering some really amazing content!

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Intro promises:
Turns out you don’t need any fancy human to human interaction devices to have a very personal experience on the internet. If you are into femdom erotica and you follow what’s happening in the scene (and what kind of sites we review around here), you know POV humiliation is sort of a big thing these days. It’s almost like having a private session with a powerful Domme via webcam, only that the video is recorded. Take this awesome new femdom hotspot called Humiliatrix for example. The site features a nice selection of kinky and powerful ladies in a range of humiliation-themed episodes. These apparently cover things like small dick humiliation, worship, outfits, feet, and some other things. The site has quite an unusual feel to it. We’re not sure but it might be UK-based. It’s just this way the tour is built, you know. With sample episodes and big juicy illustrations taking turns in the tour, the site speaks to you – literally, too. How about this ‘join now, weakling’ button? We sense quite a bit of trademark British perversion behind all this. Anyway, Humiliatrix is a great new site with a very well-designed tour which is smart, clever, sexy, and loaded with exclusive material. Also, the selection of ladies seems to be really impressive. Plus, a site this good-looking and this nasty in its wording just has to be awesome. Let’s see what’s inside this great place right now!

Looks like everything positive and admiring we thought about Humiliatrix when browsing the tour turned out to be correct. For starters, the site offers a huge selection of content. For photo galleries, not so much, a few dozen of those, but for videos, almost a thousand! How about that. Apparently the site has been around for a few years, and looks like these guys never stop improving their product. The site has quite a simple interface with barely any features at all. Still, it’s all about the content here. These videos are just… piercing, you know? You don’t even have to be that into being humiliated to feel the power of these Dommes. And it’s not even that they are dark, menacing, or dangerous in any particular way. They are more like gorgeous girls you can meet in real life and only find out they’re into domination by accident. The pace with which they spit out orders, demands, and taunts really gets into your brain. If you do have a weak spot for strong women, you better beware. The site may become a total addiction and you’ll never get out! The content archive here spans over a few years, so naturally earlier stuff isn’t that awesome-looking. Still, recently they switched to HD, and the 720p quality really does the whole thing the justice it deserves. Humiliatrix is a real treasure box for men who need to be subjugated. Discover these treasures now, you know you want to!

A great site in the growing POV femdom niche, Humiliatrix offers an archive of piercing, really humiliating videos dating back a few years. These feature powerful and sexy ladies who know just the right way to make you their sissy – and you are about to enjoy it tremendously. We do not recommend any fan of POV femdom erotica to ignore Humiliatrix. This is truly a landmark site in the entire niche, and definitely a source of many hours of kinky entertainment. See it today, weakling!

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