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Hunter Upskirts

Hunter Upskirts

Review date: 2-Oct-2017 17:26. Mmm, upskirt erotica. Feels like it’s been a while since a decent site in this niche was released. But the scene is not dead, far from it. Hunter Upskirts here brings you the latest gems from Eastern Europe and pretty much all over the place. Old school fun, new school video quality! Don’t miss out on this juicy extreme stuff only possible in Europe!

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Hunter Upskirts

Intro promises:
Summer is still happening, and there are so many sexy things to enjoy during the warm season. We’ll address nudism and sex in public in other reviews. Here, let’s talk about the ancient art of upskirt snaps. They don’t want you to see their goodies under there, but you still do! We just love this subculture, and regrettably, the scene has been sort of quiet recently. Quite a few sites used to be big back in the day, but how about today? Looks like Hunter Upskirts is here to try and take the crown. From what we see, it may as well succeed. The site has all the classic ingredients: a dedicated freak hunting down girls all over (Eastern) Europe, lots of lovely ladies from teens to MILFs and everything in between, very decent quality videos, and a no-bullshit approach without any clickbait, ads, spam, or other crap. We liked all that right away. The site’s tour has a bit of an old-time look. Remember how all these sites used to look like in the early 2000s? Probably not yet a retro feel, but definitely classic. Hunter Upskirts brings new goodies to the table though, and goodies made according to the quality standards of today, of course. The tour lets you read a bit about what this guy does and see all the Russian and European babes that have unknowingly ended up being his prey. Looks like no girl wearing a short skirt is safe!

If only you could do that in real life. Just walking around malls and places like that, spotting a hottie in a short enough skirt and hunting her down for these upskirt gems that you will post online later. Some people do actually live this life. But we understand you may not want to, what if you get busted? Does not seem to be an issue for this Hunter Upskirts guy. First of all, he’s a pro. Just read all the texts Hunter Upskirts has in the tour and member areas. Do you feel how much this guy loves what he does? We are enjoying what he does too. Nobody is really safe when he’s around, not young doll-like teens, not ripe juicy MILFs. His camera will get under the skirt and you will get some delightful footage of these panties and these legs and hips and this delicious crack. Hunter Upskirts has video clips and photos of all kinds, they are pretty short as upskirt clips usually are. They are mostly also filmed in malls, but you will not be bored because all this stuff is the same, believe us. There are pages and pages of this stuff, and the site seems to be quite nicely organised. Most sequences come with a short story, and those are fun to read as well, so it’s not just about watching here. Hunter Upskirts creates a comprehensive experience for the upskirt fan looking for more hot stuff out there.

Check out Hunter Upskirts if you have been missing out on decent upskirt erotica. Hunter Upskirts is always on the prowl for fresh unsuspecting upskirt meat. Hurry up to check out all these thrilling shoots and tons of bonus upskirt content that fans and members upload to Hunter Upskirts. The site is a great find for anyone who is looking for the next big upskirt thing to check out. Frequent updates and dedicated to the scene are great here, so take a look!

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