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i Desires

i Desires

Review date: 15-Apr-2015 15:20. We love porn, but sometimes you feel like getting involved into the thing a bit as opposed to just watching. Right? All these 3D animations are weird. We will leave that to Japanese school kids. If only you could control what happens and it would still kinda be the regular video thing you are used to. You know, with real hot ass pornstars and such. Let’s have a look at iDesires here!

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i Desires

Intro promises:
Porn is all about imagination, right? You are not actually that concentrated on what’s going on in front of you, we mean like in a porno. You are watching, that’s for sure, but at the same time your imagination is working and you place yourself into that situation. Right? Too bad you can’t really feel that, you don’t control what’s happening. You can just hit play or stop, haha. Well, does it have to be this way? Have a look at iDesires over here. Many sites have attempted to make porn interactive over the years. Have many succeeded? We are not sure. This stuff rendered in 3D is just weird. Let’s leave those so-called adult games to weird ass Asian teen boys. As for the things based on actual footage with actual people, you just need to check out iDesires. This brand new site lets you really immerse yourself in the porn world by letting you control what’s going on in a great many different scenarios. Always wanted to be that hot gardener who fucks a rich suburban mom? Office sex, outdoor fucking, students, international travel – iDesires lets you control naughty encounters by choosing what your character does next. Mostly, he just fucks some hot bitch POV style! That’s right, now that you have control over what happens next and visually it almost looks like you’re actually there, this could be fun.

How about that free tour, huh? iDesires looks crazy modern and advanced. Did you see all the trailers? Well, now it’s time to get interactive. The thing about iDesires, it’s a pretty special place. The membership is set up in a bit of an unusual way. You buy credits and spend them to participate in these ‘games’, as they call them. They are more like episodes or something like that. In fact, they are kinda like porn titles that you can star in – well, almost. The video goes on and then at a certain point it stops, you make a choice, let’s say, leave because work or start fucking that suburban MILF’s wet mouth – and the action carries on according to the choice you made. There is not too much control over here, you don’t have to press stupid buttons all the time and it’s not like a quest game for dumbass kids. iDesires just gives you enough choice to get you into the story. The variety is great, coeds, double penetrations, exchange students, rich LA MILFs doing yoga – there is no way you can get bored here. iDesires offers video of excellent quality, make sure you have a serious computer to stream these full screen. Obviously you cannot download it, because there is no such thing as a complete video here. But hey, everybody’s got decent enough connection now!

Make your porn fantasies real and be that guy who bones hot ass American pornstars in all sorts of situations. iDesires lets you control the storyline in dozens and dozens of classic mainstream porn titles. Finally you can be that guy that pornstars just flock around, begging for this thick hard dick. Get your load of credits and start playing these awesome games – we mean, starring in these XXX titles. Have fun!

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