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Insex On Demand

Insex On Demand

Review date: 19-Mar-2013 04:25. You like that extra bit of control? Both in porn and in actual sex? Then you will probably enjoy Insex On Demand a lot. This is a video on demand site where you spend your credits to purchase videos from Intersec Studios, one of the leading extreme and BDSM sex content providers. Hundreds of movies are available, both from existing sites and brand new – and all in HD! A can’t-miss.

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Insex On Demand

Intro promises:
Sometimes you like videos from a certain studio so much you wish you could just enjoy their stuff directly, not having to go from site to site and do this exhausting research. Often studios supply their videos to different sites or run a few sites themselves. So, a unified place becomes a necessity. If you are into BDSM sex with real life female subs, tons of varied mind-blowing action and a very classy feel, you probably know this studio called Intersec Studios. You don’t? How about sites like Hard Tied, Sexually Broken, or perhaps Infernal Restrains and some others? These are really nice places to get your much-needed fix of hard, intense BDSM sex sessions which feature so much realness you can barely believe it. Now there is this video on demand site called Insex On Demand, and it’s loaded with flicks from this very content studio which you can purchase with your credits. If you don’t like recurring memberships and prefer knowing exactly what you spend your money on, this is a great way to enjoy some of the best BDSM sex videos out there – and well, be in total control. Insex On Demand has a free tour which explains everything and pretty much has free video previews for all the items you can purchase inside. Dark, simple, and very alluring, this free tour teases your inner devils in such a way you cannot but grab a load of credits right away. And it’s going to be great!

As it turns out, Insex On Demand is quite an advanced VOD site. Basically, you can spend your credits in two ways. You can purchase the videos and in this case you get lifetime access to the video which you can stream online or download without any limits. Also, you get a photo set as a nice bonus. Or, alternatively, you can spend these credits to stream the video. In this case, your account with credits in it will be charged on a per minute basis. This offers quite a bit of flexibility. You can combine the two options for a fully controlled and highly enjoyable experience. Heck, recurring memberships are obsolete, they don’t really stimulate the studios to add that much content! With this video on demand thing, the more videos they add, the more money they get, so you do get the cream of the cream here. The video archive is split into sites, and these cover various aspects of BDSM sex, including girl on girl domination in Top Girl and guy on girl scenes in most other sites. The videos come in original HD quality and are around an hour long each. Chains, crosses, dungeons, nipple clamps, hard sex, penetrations that hurt, cages, rope, there is no end to what you can see happening here. Well-filmed, very real, featuring interviews with girls telling about their experiences, these videos are the BDSM elite. We definitely recommend checking Insex On Demand out.

Get your SM freak on with over 5 hundred videos from one of the top BDSM porn studios in the world. Insex On Demand comes loaded with original HD content from Intersec Studios, with plenty of very watchable material in there. Preview the flicks before you purchase credits, and then you’re simply bound to like it – pun intended. The site puts you in complete control over your spendings and offers some of the finest and most thrilling BDSM themed porn out there. We couldn’t wish for anything more, really.

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