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Its Gonna Hurt

Its Gonna Hurt

Review date: 12-Aug-2010 07:28. If you are in the game for big cocks with some ethnic flavor, all wrapped in a delicious reality sex package with an icing of hot boiling cum coming in buckets, check out It’s Gonna Hurt. It will really hurt when these hot amateur men will try to wrap their lips and butts around the meat Carlos the Latino stud is packing for them. Big cock fun all the way!

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Its Gonna Hurt

Intro promises:
You may be fascinated with the glorious and sought after big dick for a variety of reasons, but one thing for sure. Big dick porn never gets boring. Of course we mean real big gay dick porn, not some silly ass videos where the length and girth is manipulated in some way. In this respect, It’s Gonna Hurt seems to be a pretty cool site centered around the idea of missile-sized Latino schlong wrecking some hot white amateur guy’s mouth and ass once in a while. Might sound funny, especially after you check out all the cheeky wording on the tour pages, but you kinda realize this is clearly no laughing matter when you check the widely available preview picture sets and video trailers. It’s Gonna Hurt is a pretty high class product with nice, professional design which never gets in your way, some crisp looking HD resolution content, and a nice attitude. The site grabs and holds you from the very beginning taking on a fun ride through reality gay sex episodes where Carlos, the site’s main character, slams his 10 inch long, 7 inch around weapon through tight (once) white man ass and mouth. With the pictures and videos available for previewing in the free zone, you get a perfect idea of how hot, wild and nasty it really is. And well, once you are inside, everything just gets more fun!

It’s Gonna Hurt has a growing collection of picture and video episodes which now has over 50 items of each. With weekly updates, the site has every kind of potential to turn into a content-packed bestseller. And damn this is all fun to watch! Pictures and videos, separately made, tell the stories of curious, scared and horny white bottoms who go through some really raw and rough big dick gay sex. You should see the surprise in their eyes when they first see what Carlos has to offer! Their hands are literally too small to close around this weapon of mass ass-wrecking. And Carlos clearly knows what he’s doing. You will love watching him pound the living shit out of these guys who go through all sorts of sensations and emotions as this battleship of sex sinks deeper into their holes. The reality feel is great here with guys doing some introductory fooling around and exposing themselves, which then all goes so damn hardcore. Finally the fucking is over, the guys are wrapped in a blanket of hot salty sperm, and you can see they are sometimes somewhat happy it’s over. The stories coming with the episodes are full of fun, nasty attitude and mean, tongue-in-cheek commentary. It’s Gonna Hurt turns big dick gay porn into something totally new!

It’s Gonna Hurt is definitely among the top sites for big dick gay porn right now. With this Latino air-to-ass missile, it just never gets boring. Thick as a can of soda, this massive meat piece just keeps flying around wrecking some poor white ass. The site grows every week and in addition to its streaming HD videos and crisp pictures offers a range of bonuses which only improve the deal. But hell, watching these reality big dick gay porn videos with Carlos the hole splitter is just too much fun to stop doing it.

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