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Izzys Girls

Izzys Girls

Review date: 22-Aug-2017 06:01. Do you tend to root for the underdog? Do you also tend to wanna root (that is to say, bang) stacked Amazonian babes whilst they wear lingerie and pantyhose? If so, make a date with Izzy's Girls! Izzy's Girls! is an adorable lil' homemade site made by and featuring the lovely Miss Izzy and her pals.

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Izzys Girls

Intro promises:
It deals exclusively in Izzy's own special brand of 'fetish glam' - basically cheesecake with a twist - and while the site is small, it's made with tender lovin' care (something you won't find on all those cold, impersonal and non-existent corporate 'fetish glam' sites). Izzy's Girls! is simple and small, with really only three sections of the site to navigate your browser to - galleries, wallpaper and Izzy's journal (in tech-speak, this is called a 'blog'). The site's updated once a week, and the most recent updates are posted on the right hand side of the main member's page. Clicking the gallery link takes you an index of all the models that are on Izzy's roster, currently a modest four. A thumbnail of each model is provided, as well as a current count of how many galleries and images their section of the site contains. All of the women on the site seem to be in their early to mid thirties, which is pretty mature in terms of porno (like dog years, but with hotter bitches), but are still mighty fuckable.

Izzy, a statuesque natural redhead, has twelve galleries and 1130 images under her belt. Kordelia, an unfortunately named corn-fed blonde with huge tits, has participated in 22 photo shoots, which contain 2288 pics total. Savannah, another stacked blonde that looks strikingly similar to Kordelia, has sixteen galleries and 1392 images in her section. Rose, a porcelain skinned redheaded minx, has amassed the most content on the site - 25 galleries and 2790 photos. Clicking on each girl takes you to their individual directory of galleries. The photos in each girl's gallery are typically of super high 852x1281 resolution, and are professionally done with noteworthy lighting and outfit choices. Just one girl is featured in each gallery, with the exception of a light bondage set featuring Izzy and Kordelia. Most sets are standard stripteases, with the model first clothed either in a dress or a corset and stockings. The photos are rooted in cheesecake, but contain enough beaver shots to elevate (or demote) themselves to a level slightly dirtier than softcore. Pictures are viewable as slideshows or downloadable as ZIP files - multiple sets of ZIP files can be added to your 'cart,' then downloaded en masse whenever you want 'em. The wallpaper section of the site has a grand total of three desktop wallpapers (two featuring Izzy all by her lonesome and one featuring all four of the girls striking poses), and Izzy's journal hasn't been updated since November (aww, man! NOW how am I going to find out how Izzy's pool construction is coming along?). These portions of the site are thoughtful, but superfluous.

So, are Izzy's Girls! 'hotties in hosiery' worth a reasonable $14.95 a month? If you think you just may be a fan of 'fetish glam,' the answer's an emphatic maybe. There isn't much variety on Izzy's site, but if you overlook that and concentrate solely on the quality of content you'll be one happy camper.

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