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Japanese Slurp

Japanese Slurp

Review date: 21-Sep-2010 07:33. In Japan, they got sushi, teriyaki and other culinary gems, but for these girls, nothing beats the feeling of having their mouth pumped full of hot, salty, bubbling sperm. Japanese Slurp is a fresh and growing site with young Asian sweethearts setting new records in hardcore sex, cocksucking, and eating the resulting cum streams. Hot and wet!

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Japanese Slurp

Intro promises:
You know not every girl out there would swallow cum after sex, let alone ask for it herself and show some sperm-guzzling initiative. Remember how many times you wanted to slide your engorged meat straight into her throat and pound away till you will her mouth with your liquid of love. Alas, does not always happen. If you have a thing for petite Asian beauties who are always hungry for a mouthful of spunk and have hot lips and tongues to work your quivering member till it explodes with juice, Japanese Slurp is here to please! This is a fresh and growing site which has recently been added to a major network of Asian themed sites. The network is already featuring quite a bunch of niche gems with highly specific topics covered, like office sex, nurses, and so on. This time, it’s sloppy slurping and crazy cum eating. Outside, the site has a classy web 2.0 feel with sliding blocks and handy navigation. There are no video trailers, but the big, crisp pictures send the right message immediately. Selected episodes get full preview while all others are thumbnailed in the bottom of the page. Judging by the previews, there should be lots of hardcore threesome sex, skullfucking and throat filling going on inside! And of course we checked out the member area for your information. After all, we are here to inform you about what adult sites are really like, right?

Japanese Slurp lets you enjoy quality Asian cum eating as picture and video series. First thing to note, the site is not really huge. It was launched only recently and in fact its 30+ episodes are enough for a start. Anyway it will be great to see it grow. The videos run for around 20 minutes each. These are downloadable videos available in a choice of formats. AVIs seem to have the best resolution here. With no DRM restrictions whatsoever, you can enjoy some raw and wet Japanese style cum feeding any time you want. The pictures are video stills and looking good. The main point here are the petite Asian girls who get horny and dizzy willing for guys to take control, gangbang them and fill their mouths with their loads. Nothing is hidden from you in these all-out cum orgy videos with lots of delicious moments and great details. Japanese Slurp is about honest, real cum eating, no fake shots and no spitting! All in all, the site delivers exactly what it promises. With all the content available within the network, looks like your inner Asian porn fan will be kept happy and busy for months to come. Japanese Slurp is among the newest additions to the network, and we expect more great sites to be added in the near future. For now, prepare to shoot and watch your load land in a tiny, hot and wet Japanese mouth!

The bottom line of Japanese Slurp is that it’s a honest and straightforward site with tiny young Asian chicks getting full servings of hot muck straight into their mouths and throats. The site is packed with uncensored couple and gangbang footage which always ends in what you want to see the most. The girls are hot and nasty, the cum is real, the network to which the site belongs, is huge, so what else do you need? Perhaps, another hungry Asian mouth to fill with your spunk?

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