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Jason Curious

Jason Curious

Review date: 15-Oct-2017 06:14. How often do we come across a site that does most everything right? I invite the reader to point his mouse to Jason Curious. Jason Sechrest, your webmaster, is indeed curious – curious about both men and women, how the industry works and all things fresh and entertaining. You couldn’t ask for a better tour guide; he’s informed with a distinct style and sense of humor.

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Jason Curious

Intro promises:
Make no mistake; Jason Curious is as much about Jason as it is about porn. This site appeals to the curious in all of us – straight, gay or bisexual. Ever wonder what a porn star with a big cock thinks about all the attention? Always wanted to know what those girls really think about while getting hammered? Jason’s not afraid to ask. The very best this site has to offer can be found in the live interviews and journals. The casual browser will find hours of archived interviews with the adult industry’s finest including Jenna Jameson, Michael Brandon, Gina Lynn and Rod Barry. The models get warm and cozy every Friday night during a live KSEX broadcast which is then archived in a streaming format for future viewing. Jason is certainly as aggressive as Mr. Howard Stern, but certainly more of a darling with audible appeal.

His “JCTV” gives the viewer an opportunity to interact in live chat mode with the models. These sessions are also archived for the viewer to browse through, complete with photo sets. Mr. Sechrest keeps a detailed online journal of his sexploits and dalliances in the porn industry. His insights are honest, painting a portrait of the industry that is surprising at times. Not to be overlooked is the Voyeur Log that captures the action as it is being filmed on the set, complete with insider’s commentary provided by Jason. He manages to sneak onto the sets of the hottest straight and gay adult films and come out on the other side with a notebook full of anecdotes and some hot candids. Jason Curious’s site design is clean, updated clearly and is easily navigable. I had some minor trouble keeping clips for future viewing, but this does not detract from the “hot factor” of the overall site. Some choice photos are crystal clear, every vein and bead of sweat achingly detailed.

Jason’s own press – which is available on the site – heralds him as one of the top 100 porn insiders. Jason uses this prestige to his advantage and passes the goodies on to his subscribers. So Jason…how about getting me a one-on-one interview with Mr. Chase Hunter for SexHerald? You certainly aren’t the only one who is curious.

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