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Jerk Babes

Jerk Babes

Review date: 12-Aug-2017 07:31. Jerk Babes is a site that's part of the huge Adult Apartment Network. For just one subscription fee, you get access to a whole network of adult websites. Some of the sites in the network offer downloadable videos and some don't but at $14.95 for a whole month, it's the best bargain you're going to get.

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    15.1 of 25
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    12.4 of 20
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Jerk Babes

Intro promises:
Jerk Babes updates six times a month but only has sixteen movies of hot cock wankers so far. The videos are divided into scenes of 34 MB each for HQ and 9 MB each for LQ. Videos can be streamed with few or no hitches if you're on a broadband connection. When you stream, the site gives you an embedded screen that almost takes up half the page.

Jerk Babes features cute, girl-next-door types who really love to play with cocks. They show off their sexy bodies as they jerk guys off. They do it all quite well, positioning their naked bodies between the stud's knees and wanking to their heart's content. But if you're expecting these hotties to stay the course, you'll be disappointed. The girls can't keep their mouths away from the penises and give it a slurp or two while they keep on the jerking. This can be quite exciting and a great little added tease. Going from one site to the next in the network is a cinch with the pull-down Site List menu on the top navigation bar. Hot sites in the network like Desperate Teens and Her First Anal are strictly limited to feeds, but sites like Foot Job Fanatics and Amateur Mall offer 100% downloadable video content. Having looked at the well described content at Amateur Mall, I wished the other sites offered more text descriptions of their girls. Text is really worth bothering with, especially when you're dealing with reality sites and cute babes that will surely make surfers curious.

Though Jerk Babes doesn't have a plethora of viewing choices and fancy formats like other sites backed by a huge network, it works well because of its streamlined quality. It does away with unnecessary features and goes straight to the gut of the matter: a strong theme combined with hot babes. I have always thought that hand job sites should offer a little lip action as well, and this has been accomplished here without being too overbearing. With that cock coming so close to their pretty faces, it's only natural that they taste it a bit, don't you think?

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