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Review date: 7-Nov-2017 06:34. Jezebele may be gone, but you shouldn't forget her. Content this high-quality needs to be seen, even if it's out of date. Get yourself a one-month membership, see what's there, then move on.

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Intro promises:
In a world full of blondes of every hue, Jezebele stands out, with dark hair, dark eyes and a wicked streak a mile wide. Unlike most of the single-babe "star" amateur sites, this one has something beyond the usual wall-to-wall layouts of a pretty babe touching herself or laying around with her pretty friends. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of that, too; but what will really catch your eye are the costume/fetish layouts. There's nothing hardcore, but any of you into feet, sand or several other of the "softer" fetish niches will find something of interest here.

The videos are available in WMV and DivX formats, and the download speed varies from superfast to middle-of-the-road. They're shot pretty well, at least high-grade amateur if not full professional quality, with good sound. The photo galleries really stand out, with hi-res shots that have some real art to them. One gallery, of Jezebele in front of a mirror, makes a simple thing like a nipple into an amazing photo.

With all this class content, it's shame it's no longer being updated. The copyrights on the "latest updates" are 2004. Thus, there are of course no interactive features or things like clothing items for sale. There are links to some partner sites that are pretty tasty, though. It would be a shame not to see this stuff. Get yourself a month's membership, see what there is to see, then move on.

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