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Joclyn’s Garage

Joclyn’s Garage

Review date: 11-Dec-2016 07:41. Being a super luscious, super horny cougar in charge of a whole garage ain’t easy. But it helps if you have a meaty hairy pussy, a voluptuous tattooed ass, and a mind full of mean tricks and domination fantasies. Brace yourself, Joclyn’s Garage features Joclyn the crazy ass cougar dominating the hell out of bikers, car drivers and just about anyone who dares to enter her garage and be silly!

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Joclyn’s Garage

Intro promises:
What is a bigger turn on for you? A big, curvy, dangerous cougar always in control, sometimes even too much in control? Cars, vintage rides, bikes and oily gear? Or perhaps being urged to lick soiled leather boots and eat toes sweaty after a long hard day in a dusty repair shop? We know, very hard to choose. From now on, forget having to choose between these things. Joclyn’s Garage here is the newest and the coolest site we have seen this week. No, seriously, we mean it. A lot more than your average MILF site and your average femdom site and your average whatever, it combines things which are cool, unusual, and have never been together before. The site explores the misbehaving adventures of Joclyn, a tall, curvaceous, all-American blonde MILF who owns a garage, is into classic cars, and has a whole world of badass femdom fantasies in her head. Whenever a hapless dude comes to her repair shop blabbering about his bike or whatever, she barks a few orders at him, grabs him by his hair and shoves his head where she wants it – which could be in her smelly sexy feet, her luscious ass with a tattoo on it, or straight into her hungry hairy pussy. As long as the site exploits the car theme, it needs proper design – and props, too! Check the tour and see that Joclyn’s Garage got it all done beautifully. The tour is themed and fancy, and oh the previews!

Oh dude, we just can’t get enough of this. Joclyn’s Garage is everything we like about a porn site. It’s new, it’s different, it has no cookie cutter stuff, and it’s unbelievably jack-off worthy. If you are into tall blonde ladies telling you what to do and when to eat their ass and pussy, that is! Joclyn offers a fair share of pictorials and videos with her, at least a few dozen of each. The videos will stream or download in HD as smoothly as it can only be, and the matching pictures are always taken separately, no video screencap bullshit here. We totally enjoyed how artistic and cinematographic these episodes are. We mean, it’s not just in-out-in-out fucking, there has to be a build-up and character play – and there’s plenty of that. You will love watching Joclyn’s beautiful, vain face as she just nails these guys (and sometimes girls) into the ground with her bitter jokes, bullying and orders. The site covers probably every kind of mild femdom there is, from ass smothering to feet and boots worship, facesitting, ball busting and other forms of erotic and powerful humiliation. Things never get too dark here, just intense and serious enough to keep the story going. And boy every story is a blast! The site comes with bonus access to a whole bunch of other pornstar sites but honestly we didn’t even reach these yet. Joclyn rules!

A powerful, demanding, super curvy American blonde into classic cars, tattoos and roughing men (and women up) awaits you at Joclyn’s Garage. You will wish your ride broke down more often when you see what this queen of the highway does to her customers. She gives customer satisfaction a whole new meaning shoving their face into her sweetest spots and being in strict control at all times! Hot, fun, visually stunning, the videos at Joclyn’s Garage should be an example for other porn sites. This is how stuff should be done, guys!

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