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Josh Weston

Josh Weston

Review date: 18-Oct-2017 08:22. Browsing through his Falcon Studios sponsored website, Josh Weston, I was reminded of Reese Witherspoon's character in Pleasantville. Like the semi-cloistered Reese, it's hard to get a real feel for the inner fuck demon locked inside the pleasant and sterile exterior of his eponymous website. Josh must be straining inside his jockstrap, aching to let it all hang out.

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Josh Weston

Intro promises:
The only clues you really get about the man behind the ripped abs are to be found in his personal photo gallery, just one of four photo galleries available on the site. Don't get me wrong; the other galleries have some great studio shots of Josh posing solo and in action with other equally beautiful Falcon models. Josh Weston is simply incapable of taking a bad picture. But something more sinister is hinted at in those candid shots of Josh - those pictures taken in random hotel rooms with a buddy's digital camera, or from the audience of a sex club where Josh is in the middle of a heated performance with a big fleshy dildo. These candids aren't posed, there's no makeup or good lighting. Some of them are blurry.

But let me tell you, these casual snapshots are the hottest stroke material on the entire website. Even the goofy shots of Josh which capture his playful side, an arm thrown over his buddy's shoulder, the two drunkenly trying to touch tongues without moving their heads, these photos reveal something primitive and raw that the relatively sanitized Falcon lens doesn't quite manage to snare. Browsing through his personal pin-ups, I started aching for even more intimate glimpses of this mega-star stud ' uncensored blog entries where he describes the blowjob he got from a fan on the airplane, notes from the porn set about what it's really like to be fucked by three studs in succession or a few dozen more candid photos of him getting rear-ended by a random trick. Strange that the parenting website, Falcon Studios, the undisputed leader in gay pornography should give us a Josh Weston that comes across devoid of all that smokiness. The website is thoroughly stamped by Falcon; the parental marks are everywhere ' in the streaming clips of Falcon scenes in which Josh has appeared, on the empty Falcon webcam sparingly archived with a library of past appearances. You can even shop the Falcon store from Josh's website to buy everything Falcon. Josh Weston is truly more about Falcon Studios than about Mr. Weston.

As far as models go, Josh Weston scores an unparalleled five out of five. His website however, only creates unsatisfied longings. My advice to Josh is to make a break from the 'Falcon Family' and go it alone. I've no doubt that if Josh were to design a website truly his own, the World Wide Web would scorch and burn.

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