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Jp Shavers

Jp Shavers

Review date: 11-Sep-2010 15:54. How about some smooth yummy Japanese sushi with hot sauce all over it? Jp Shavers is a new, steaming hot site with lots of shaved Asian pussy packed with fresh hot cream. That’s right, sweet and pervy Asian chicks, hairless cunts and creampies combined! The site offers a lot of great-looking videos and is your gateway to even more Japan themed smut.

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Jp Shavers

Intro promises:
Hungry for a special Asian treat? Jp Shavers is here, and the site is unbelievably new. Seriously, at the time of reviewing, the site was barely out of production. But our prediction is that there’s great long future ahead of Jp Shavers. Both fans of tight Asian girls and worshippers of the shaved pussy should pay attention. The site is all about gorgeous, horny Asian women with a shaved snatch who take lots of cock straight in there and in many cases they get the entire load straight in there. It’s such a marvelous sight, seeing these tiny pussies without a single hair anywhere around, splashed in warm fresh goo which flows down freely. You literally get dragged into the entire thing with the site’s tour area. We couldn’t see any video trailers, but boy, the sample pictures are all stunners. You should pay attention, too. It’s rare that delicious and exotic Japanese pussy gets this close to your face! There is a bunch of preview episodes laid out for you and they all feature big, soaking wet sample pictures. There’s a nice web 2.0 feel about the entire site when you browse it. Also, it’s nice they mention it’s part of a bigger network with all manner of Asian sites in it. From teachers to MILFs there are around 20 sites for you to see, literally, with thousands of episodes. For now, let’s concentrate on the hairless pussy, shall we? The combination looks pretty damn good to us, shaved girls, hardcore sex with threesomes all around, and creampies and facials, uncensored.

So, you are inside, and all of these delicious episodes are around you. The site features videos which run typically at around 20 minutes. An occasional flick would last a whopping 40+ minutes. Don’t you want to see all the shaved pussy and cum shooting sex action contained within almost an hour of high quality video? You should want! So anyway, for every content episode, there are pictures and videos, and the pictures don’t look like screencaps, luckily. There are always over a hundred pics in a single episode. The videos offer multiple download options as well as the online streaming feature. We found out it’s totally okay to watch the videos online without the need to download. The speeds are absolutely fine, and you get another reason to find more steamy Asian sex episodes in this network of sites. And more porn has never been a bad thing! Anyway, for Jp Shavers, many videos have some kind of group sex. The girls are all young and pretty and the camera focuses on their brownish, flower-like shaved pussies very often. You get to see every single second of it as fat cocks will be sliding inside, spreading the hairless labia and pounding their way deeper. And of course the creampies and the facials! This is an Asian site after all and these people seem to have a very special relationship with jizz. Expect some pretty sloppy cum play to take place, as well as pussy shots and creampies.

Jp Shavers offers a pretty nice combo of Asian girls, lots of fresh shaved pussy, and cum all around, including inside of them. The site offers a growing selection of videos which can be downloaded in a number of formats and some pretty good looking pictures coming with it all. The site is all uncensored hardcore sex with threesomes and more, and with all sorts of sexy Japanese women getting their smooth shaved cunts packed with cock and cum. If that’s your thing, or it sounds like it could be, we think you should check it out.

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