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Juicy Pink Box

Juicy Pink Box

Review date: 11-Dec-2012 04:22. Lesbian porn? No, much more. Juicy Pink Box is not just a killer website with a sensational design and stunning lesbian sex videos which are top shelf and top notch. No, it’s a big lifestyle brand built and inspired by an icon of New York sex life and a lesbian activist Jincey Lumpkin. But we’ll tell you all about what’s going on later. Keep reading, this one is shockingly great!

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Juicy Pink Box

Intro promises:
And you thought you have actually seen it all. Lesbian porn is a huge genre of erotica and one way or another you surely came across at least some of it. Or, if you’re a fan, you know what the situation is. We need more great content with soul and class it in, something which makes you feel the chemistry and the energy of the girls. And we want it in as highest quality as possible. Looks like our prayers have been answered here. Answered with Juicy Pink Box, a very new site which does really transcend the boundaries of online erotica and maybe even erotica as a concept. The deal here is that there is this lady in NYC called Jincey Lumpkin, and she has made it her goal to provide women all over the world with an inspiration for sexual liberation and exploration. Some of her endeavors include a lesbian dating site, a column in Huffington Post, and now Juicy Pink Box. A website with erotic content, a store, a place to get lesbian ebooks. Well, the latter two things, a bit later the coming year. For now, Juicy Pink Box is a site where lesbian sex has this cinematic luster, as the tour puts it. See tour and you’ll realize this has nothing to do with adspeak. There is a lot of luster, glamour, and glowing to it, and it’s not just about the design. Let’s find out more.

When you build something using hi-grade ingredients, and you do it with enough meaning and soul, the result is pretty much destined to be awesome. This is the case with Juicy Pink Box. Everything you could be looking for in adult entertainment is right here. Great performers, some of which have won many awards, including the ones from the feminist side. Terrific design, just fancy enough to create this boutique feeling and not get in your way. Last but not least, a special concept. It’s not just about plain girl on girl sex here. There are several sections inside Juicy Pink Box, like Taxi, Boutique, Hotel, and some others. Each represents a context in which the lesbian sex story develops. Get inspired by that added thrill of being able to relate because something in your life actually happened in a taxi or in a hotel or elsewhere. Something which inspires lesbian sex fantasies – and something which will turn Juicy Pink Box into a total blast for you. The site is incredibly young but we predict a total cult following. The Store and the Ebooks section will open a couple months later, and if during that time the site doesn’t get massively popular, we have no idea what we’re talking about here. Juicy Pink Box is the destination for next generation lesbian erotica – not just coming in stunning HD quality, but actually having meaning and soul behind it.

Juicy Pink Box is not just a website. It’s a platform, a comprehensive destination to celebrate, explore and enjoy your lesbian sex fantasies and desires. Watching these gorgeous stars perform in these superior-looking films you realize how porn and cinema blend these days. It’s a marriage of class, dedication to the whole thing, and very nice production. Give this one a try right now, we’re pretty sure you’ll stay. Everyone even remotely into lesbian sex and the whole movement should check it out immediately!

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