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Just Black Gays

Just Black Gays

Review date: 23-Oct-2017 08:28. Imagine finding three Caucasian males and Britney Spears staring at you seductively from your computer screen after dropping almost forty dollars to see black men getting it on. This is exactly the case with the homepage for Just Black Gays. There you will find three cubes advertising links to 1st Timers, Premium Gay and Fuck Me Fella. Trouble is, three out of four of the fellas are distinctly not black (Isn’t that just odd?)

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Just Black Gays

Intro promises:
There are dozens of videos available for streaming or downloading with themes that include seduction (and subsequent fuck sessions) at the gym, on the basketball court, in the motel room and the amazingly popular series simply called, “Sex on the Rug.” (Not, however, to be confused with “Sex on the Sofa.”)

All of these clips feature muscular black men servicing, and getting serviced, by other muscular black men and a new video is featured each week. The still galleries offer a ton of pics of men together and men deeply focused on self-love, but a lot of these have a kind of 70s look to them. While not exclusively Afro-centric, Just Black Gays does provide a slew of video and photos of black men with other black men. The weird thing, though, is the special bonus sites (of which there are over 40) that feature Asian women, blonde (female) sluts, straight (and white) teenage girls and Czech college students. (Again with the bait-and-switch!)

While you can find dark men, men with lighter complexions, dreads, fades and muscles (as well as some B-Boyz and bookworms) on this site, more than likely you’re gonna have to trip over some white girls while you look for them.

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