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Kat Vixen

Kat Vixen

Review date: 3-May-2017 06:31. At first blush this site might not seem like much, but you can't always judge a book by its cover. Kat Vixen is the Internet name--friends call her Toni--of a voluptuous (the measurements she gives are 5'8" and 155 pounds with 42DD natural breasts) redhead amateur model and swinger who does the full range of hardcore on her site.

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Kat Vixen

Intro promises:
Aside from the voluptuous angle, Kat's main kink is interracial. Married to a guy named "Torn", she still claims to have a major appetite for black cock. But while there are interracial galleries and videos here, it didn't seem to be as large a part of the whole as her tour makes it out to be. In fact, the variety is quite good. The galleries include interracial (2 pages, around 30 galleries), web-friends, Kat and Torn, outside, public, softcore, hardcore, and even "goth" (sort of Halloween porn, a section which took us by surprise).

You can tell from these categories that there's a lot of overlap, and sometimes it isn't obvious where to go to find what you want. Site design is also very crude, beginning with the sloppy spelling and punctuation (her friends' galleries are spelled "friends galleries" and "friend's galleries" on the main page), and going on to include wildly mislabeled pages and a very rough job of organizing the screen space. But at least there weren't any frames. The site tour promised updates 3 times a week, which seemed to be about right to us. Most of the updates are new pic galleries. As noted, the material here is quite eclectic. There is a bit of everything, with some flashing, outdoors, lingerie, toys, interracial, shaving, lesbian, creampie, party pics, oral and masturbation. For some reason Kat wears sunglasses in most of the sets. Overall the picture quality is quite satisfactory. Obviously this isn't professional studio photography, but it isn't fuzzy or inadequately lit. Picture size is just average. As for the videos, they are arranged on 5 thumbnail pages with around 15 clips a page. The picture quality is again pretty good, and some of the files are quite long. One "15-minute blow-job" clip clocks in at over 40 megs, but the average seemed to be around 5-10 megs, with a few shorter clips thrown in as well. The format is all Windows Media Player (a rather unhelpful comment on the main video index page tells us that she doesn't know if they will work on Netscape). The material is the same as in the picture galleries, with lots of oral and masturbation clips as well as interracial. Kat does have a journal (albeit without pictures), and is one of those amateurs who seems to hit the party/bar-meet circuit pretty hard. She also appears on cam as part of an amateur cam network which you get with your membership. The other "extras" here seemed more in the nature of affiliate or partnership pages.

This site is better than it looks at first. It has a good selection of material with a nice variety. The quality is satisfactory, though the site design is a bit crude. It's pricey, but well worth it if large amateurs are your thing.

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