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Kimmie Cream

Kimmie Cream

Review date: 16-Nov-2017 05:20. Kimmie Cream is the 19 year old delicious teen with a dirty bitter aftertaste! She loves to stuff her pussy with whatever she can find, and really has no shame when she spreads herself in full view of the camera! Kimmie is the sort of teenager who will try any kick for fun, just to see if it’s worth doing again.

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Kimmie Cream

Intro promises:
Kimmie Cream is the home of this slender young dark haired beauty with a shaven pussy and small tits. Kimmie really enjoys getting messy with food, being enslaved with dog collars and lashes but her big turn on is ramming anything that fits into her tight slit!

KimmieCream has a generous selection of at least 50 picture galleries with at least 50 individual pictures in each set. The pictures are of good quality and size and features this naughty minx in all sorts of exploits but mostly involve Kimmie with a big sex toy that she plays with, The quality of the videos are not quite as good but are still totally acceptable and again show this teen up to no good! It does have to be said though that although Kimmie Cream shows this girl getting down and dirty with dildo’s ect… there are no cocks on show, Really she gets as about as hard as possible on her own, so no couples sex scenes here.

Members of KimmieCream also see her forums where you can get to know this cutie better as well as make your own requests for future updates, cam shows and free access to the mega-teen-site Total Super Cuties. I really liked Kimmie Cream, the content certainly stirs something in the trouser department although it helps that Kimmie is such a babe anyway!

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