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Kiss Me Girl Explicit

Kiss Me Girl Explicit

Review date: 8-Jan-2013 09:10. Lesbian porn you can swoon over? We haven’t had that in a while. Kiss Me Girl Explicit will change the way you look on girl on girl erotica. Run by true fans for true fans, this hot new place features lengthy scenes with super lovely models, plus a member forum, a VOD section and tons of other details which tell you this is the much-awaited paradise for the fan of Sapphic action!

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Kiss Me Girl Explicit

Intro promises:
Fancy some intimate and sensual girl on girl action and don’t want to settle for all these faceless sites where the performers show less enthusiasm for what they are doing than McDonalds employees? We know that feeling. Chemistry is really important in Sapphic erotica, because if you don’t have chemistry, what are you left with, mechanistic routines? Fuck that, really. Kiss Me Girl Explicit is a new site we really need to tell you about. Anyone who has been displeased with the lack of chemistry and that special feeling of real in lesbian porn should take a look at it right now. The site focuses on powerful, electrified scenes between two young hot girls, and these scenes involve so much natural kissing, playing and pleasing the site will rock your world. From now on, there will be Kiss Me Girl Explicit and all other sites for you. The site is a work of dedication and passion for the lesbian niche. Start with the tour and you’ll see how different it is. For now, let’s enjoy the previews with the girls, and we’ll learn about all other details later when we get inside. Trust us, there are plenty of details to find out about here. Get ready for a game-changing lesbian porn experience – and also, just to keep you excited, let us tell you this. If you are especially into the kissing part, Kiss Me Girl Explicit comes with free access to Sloppy Girl, a site for sloppy kissing fans.

A lot is going on here for sure. Kiss Me Girl Explicit seems to have its own approach to everything. You could say the design is nothing special. But this place is for people who want the product, not the packaging. And the product here is really rocking. Kiss Me Girl Explicit is all about young playful girls who get really horny and do to each other what they actually do when they make love. They make out, they lick their clits, they finger their wet pussies, it’s not about the actions themselves really. It’s about how it all happens. It’s real magic, and you’ll see everything on video. Kiss Me Girl Explicit lets you purchase scenes in its video on demand section, or watch them online. Each scene has an extensive story which describes what the girls are like and what happened between them. Each scene is around an hour long, so get ready for multi-gigabyte downloads here. The genuine 720p resolution really helps you see every single detail and just be there, in the same room with the girls who are so passionate and so in love with each other. Kiss Me Girl Explicit also has a busy member forum where you can discuss what you just saw, let the guys know what scenes could use a sequel, and just communicate with other fans. What is more, you can buy DVDs with the scenes you like. All in all, Kiss Me Girl Explicit looks like a site with a great deal of effort put into it, and with some of the most natural and honest and electric lesbian sex ever.

Kiss Me Girl Explicit is about girls who kiss and kiss and kiss and then do much more. With your membership to this awesome new site, you can also see Sloppy Girl, a site for sloppy lesbian kissing freaks. Both these sites share the same approach, less focus on the design and other distractions, more focus on the electricity between girls. They kiss and they fuck and they cum and everything is for real. You are going to love this whether you are a hardcore fan of lesbian porn or not. Finally there’s a site which makes a statement – and a difference! Check it out right now!

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