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Krystal Steal

Krystal Steal

Review date: 22-Oct-2017 06:08. Many people in the adult video industry believe that young, blonde, incredibly sexy Krystal Steal is the next Jenna Jameson - and Jenna herself even seems to agree. Not only is Krystal starring in the 2004 year-ending video blockbuster “Krystal Method” with Jenna herself, but she’s also now a contract star with Club Jenna.

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Krystal Steal

Intro promises:
Krystal’s website, at the time of writing, has only been in existence a few scant months, but it’s already one of the better superstar-themed sites we’ve come across. This young bombshell simply looks amazing when naked, and thankfully, in photo sets and video clips, you get the chance to see her doing some incredibly brazen things.

Steal fucks and sucks like a veteran porn star, which belies the fact she’s only been around a short while. With perfect inflated breasts, smooth alabaster skin and flowing silky blonde hair, she has the Jenna trademarks down pat, yet she retains a freshness that packs quite an erotic punch. The astounding quality of the photography here - there are innovations with the lighting, poses, and even the makeup in the glamour sets here - certainly does this new star justice. There’s a girl-on-girl pictorial with Nina Dolci here that has to been seen to be appreciated, with both women wearing unique silver eye shadow and lipstick as they feast on each other’s bodies. It’s positively orgasmic. The only flaw with this new site thus far is the relative lack of video clips provided, but that's sure to change as the site progresses. Wonder of wonders, there are diary and biography sections here that are actually updated daily, so you can tell there’s a personal touch to the proceedings. There’s also a section for live chats with Krystal that are to be regularly scheduled. And yes, there’s more - there is even a member forum for fans to sound off on what they like or don’t care for about the site, or for those who simply want to remind the starlet about how hot she is. Yes, guys, she answers a lot of the comments. In addition, there are links to the usual array of “bonus” sites, so there is lots to do if you can tear your gaze away from Krystal for a few moments. Whether she’s compared to Jenna or not, this is an excellent site that’s only going to get better in the coming months. Steal has such a fresh, sultry look that it’s hard to resist her. She’s amazing in lingerie but looks (and acts) even better with a tongue sliding up and down her slit, or with a rigid cock exploring her juicy folds. Krystal Steal may have a name that implies thievery, but her site’s a honest-to-goodness bargain. Simply put, she’s a babe among babes.

Oh, and by the way: There’s a photo set here of Jenna and Krystal simply having a Sapphic tryst that’s a mind-boggling, intense display of actual orgasmic abandon. You’re welcome.

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