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LA Strokers

LA Strokers

Review date: 29-Oct-2017 05:21. I like hand jobs. I don't know why for certain; maybe it's because it reminds me of my freshman year when I was messing around with my first girlfriend in the supply closet. It was dark, her hand was warm, and I felt really bad for the janitor. Regardless, there's something about watching a hot chick give a hand job that gets me off.

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LA Strokers

Intro promises:
That being the case, I suppose I have a sweet spot for hand-job sites, and the strangely named LA Strokers is among the best. Why is it called LA Strokers? Search me. None of the girls are named "La" and it's not set in Los Angeles. Don't worry, after a few minutes browsing this one, you won't care either. Hands down (no pun intended), this is a great hand job site that gives you want you want when you want it. There's a ton of content here, some 14 or so pages of movies, with about 10 scenes on each page'you do the math'that feature some of the hottest girls in the porn business including Sara Jay, Brandy Talore, Roxy Rush, and Eve Lawrence. But what impressed me the most with LA Strokers was its organization. For some reason, hand job sites are treated like the other Clinton brother, relegated automatically to the generic junk bin pile. Not so with LA Strokers. Sure, it lacks the glitz of the upper tier sites, but it's very well organized and comes with a nice rating system that I think helps members to get what they want easily.

When you register for LA Strokers, make sure you check out the Sara Jay scene. This buxom lady makes full use of her tits and ass, turning her whole body into a giant hand that kneads, strokes, and rubs her stud's cock to a mind-shattering orgasm that soaks her giant melons in his man juice. This one alone is nearly worth the price of admission.

There are, however, a few flaws with this gem. LA Strokers, and its bonus content, works best on Internet Explorer, and you'll only be able to download their movies with it. Also, LA Strokers lacks a photo section, which might have been nice. But this doesn't take too much away from what is a very pleasant porn experience. Bottom line: If you're a big hand job fan then you need to check in here, and even if you aren't you might want to stop through. Despite its weird name, LA Strokers gets a thumbs up from this reviewer.

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