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Ladyboy Gloryhole

Ladyboy Gloryhole

Review date: 23-May-2017 09:35. One of my favorite things about the internet is that you can find any kind of porn you can imagine. I mention that because I didn't ever think someone would do a site where ladyboys are fucked at gloryholes but Ladyboy Gloryhole is here with videos and pictures showing that very thing.

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Ladyboy Gloryhole

Intro promises:
It seems perfectly logical that someone would launch a site like this and if you want a taste you can hit up the tour and have a look at the pictures and a trailer for the site.

The member's area looks a lot like the tour. In fact, it's almost the same design with a few simple changes that allow you to access the ladyboy hardcore content instead of just dreaming about it. I wish they listed more than three scenes per page; it creates a lot of unnecessary clicking and loading. Based on the dates the site was launched in February 2009 and it's now almost five months later. Updates are inconsistent but they are still adding content regularly, which is a big positive. Lately they've started adding "bonus" scenes in between updates. Those are nice, but they create a greater space between Ladyboy Gloryhole updates. The videos are high definition at 1280x720 and they look crystal clear. The pictures are nice at 1200px but I was expecting something larger based on the HD movies. All the scenes at Ladyboy Gloryhole follow the same basic pattern and they begin with a little solo action. The Asian babe with balls is alone in the stall and playing with her cock while the guy on the other side of the wall is presumably watching and getting all hard. When his dick makes an appearance the ladyboy gives him a hot gloryhole blowjob, making it long and slippery and thick, which is perfect for her asshole. Most of the scenes feature anal sex as well with a few skipping out on it. All the cocks that come through the wall are black and most are exceptionally thick, which I think makes the anal way more exciting. When the ladyboy is ready to get banged she stands up, presses her ass against the wall and guides the black cock in to fill her up. Sometimes the sex is stilted and unsatisfying because the guy can't really thrust either due to his thickness being too much for the ladyboy asshole or the difficulties of having sex through a hole in the way. Nevertheless you get lots of great angles of the hot ladyboy ass banging and it's all in HD so it looks amazing.

As far as I know Ladyboy Gloryhole is a unique site. If not it's one of a few that do ladyboys sucking and fucking black cock in gloryhole bathrooms. Those Asian shemales are gorgeous with amazing bodies and many have big tits. The movies are fantastic in high definition and although downloads are a little slow (I was getting 250-300kb/sec) it's worth the wait for the unique and sexy content.

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