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Lara Larsen

Lara Larsen

Review date: 6-Feb-2015 15:54. Lara Larsen is this stunning German-born redhead who just loves posing and fooling around outdoors in tight-fitting latex outfits. A real queen of European and international latex erotica, Lara is now making latex erotica fans all over the world happy with her eponymous site where she uploads her ultra high resolution photo and video series. Let’s take a closer look at this gem now.

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Lara Larsen

Intro promises:
Do you have a thing for babes in latex? Latex catsuits, latex corsets, bras, underwear, all these things are packing tons of sex appeal. They are wrapped around the girl’s assets so tight and they are so shiny and so pleasant to touch… Oh boy! It’s like latex is their second skin! Online latex erotica is quite a big thing. But somehow it has been some time since we saw an interesting latex-themed site launched. Turns out Lara Larsen here saves the day! This cute crazy German babe is, as she calls herself, a traveling journalist. What does that mean, exactly? Don’t worry, you won’t have to read a lot. You will only need to read the write-ups to the amazing photo and video series Lara uploads to her site. Turns out this traveling journalist thing means she travels around Europe, getting photographed and filmed as she poses in all sorts of public locations. Seriously, in all kinds of them, apparently. Could be a German Christmas market, could be a beach in Croatia, could be anything in between. Looks like Lara Larsen’s site is mostly about her second skin, not her first skin – meaning it’s more of a fetish site than a porn site. Explore the tour, and you’ll find out enough about Lara and her brand new site to get you curious. It all looks very well put together, so let’s get inside and experience the real latex thrill!

Are you ready to take a trip through all sorts of European locations where Lara Larsen fools around wearing tons of different latex outfits from her truly huge collection? Walls of a medieval castle where Lara poses in a latex catsuit, a sunny beach where she slightly dips her latex-wrapped legs in the water, an old rail station that she explores in yet another outfit from her collection… Lara Larsen’s site is a true delight that’s for sure. The site is still young and growing, so be patient and let it get bigger. With 2+ updates every week, this should not be a probem. Lara Larsen currently has a few dozen episodes that can be photo-only, or can combine pictures and videos. All in all, it’s a site that’s geared towards photos a lot. The images are ultra crisp, they come in 3,000+px resolution, and they can be downloaded as zipped sets without any limits. Each and every picture is quite a gem. You can just stare at it for minutes on end, appreciating all the little details, enjoying Lara’s curves tight-wrapped with red or black latex. A set typically has around 100 images each – plus, sometimes, a HD video. A latex-obsessed model with a thing for posing in public, it’s quite a rare angle, and you should get a membership with Lara Larsen now to enjoy it to the full!

Lara Larsen is all about posing in all sorts of latex outfits – and being an openly kinky model posing in all sorts of public locations all across Europe! We guess the Old World has seen a lot, and now this. Lara is all about refined, subtly erotic photography with lots of different latex outfits and accessories and stories that are really engaging. Beaches to Christmas markets, this babe just keeps taking the latex subculture out there in the streets. And we appreaciate that. Go, Lara!

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