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Large Friends

Large Friends

Review date: 1-Dec-2017 05:00. Large Friends is among the best dating sites that are specialized in singles who are plus sized. It has grown over the years and now it's one of the biggest big singles resources with thousands of members from all parts of the world. This amazing site offers you a chance to make new friends or to start a search for someone who is seeking a plus sized partner. Whatever you're looking for, you're most likely to find it here on Large Friends.

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Large Friends

Intro promises:
There are people of all ages and sexual preferences, from teens to seniors. You can even join the site for free and see for yourself what it has to offer. You don't have to give your credit card number to get access to the site, and it really is completely free to join it. The sign up process doesn't last more than a couple of minutes, and once you've finished, you have a detailed profile ready to use. You can add a profile picture right away, because profiles with pictures receive about 10 times more views than ones that don't have a picture. Or, if you want, you can leave that for later and just skip to browsing members straight away. You can search for members in your area and add the hottest to your favorites list. A big advantage of this site is the number of active members. The more members a site has, the bigger are your chances of finding a suitable match. Luckily, Large Friends has hundreds of thousands of members not only from the United States and Canada, but from other countries as well. The odds of finding a partner here are pretty big, so that's one more reason to join Large Friends and start your search.

To increase your chances of finding your match, Large Friends has enabled the dating and safety tips section. There is helpful advice on what kind of people to avoid and to make sure you and your identity remain safe at all times. Make sure you read this section no matter how experienced you are, it will help you find the right person much faster. There aren't many dating sites that have this feature, which makes Large Friends really stand out from the crowd. You can easily become a verified member if you scan your ID and send it to Large Friends. Once they compare it to your profile picture, your profile will get a little stamp saying you're a verified member. This way you can choose only to talk to verified members to be sure that they are real, and you can improve your chances of meeting someone because verified members get 10 times more views on the average. Of course, all the data you send is strictly confidential, so you don't have to worry about that. You don't want just to look at people's profiles but you want to get some action as well, so it's time to upgrade your account in order to be able to message others. When getting the gold membership, you can pick the one, three or six month membership packages. My advice is to invest a little in the future, and go with the six month gold membership. This time is enough for you to actually meet someone, and the best thing about this package is the awesome discount you will get. If you pick the six month deal, you'll get if for only 40% of the standard price, so make sure you get this one and save the most money. If you're a man, you might have a slightly bigger competition than you're used to. There are 3 men for each female member on the average, so it's a bit more difficult to find a girl because there are 3 times more men. Even though the competition is tough, if you make sure you follow the dating tips on the site and be the first to greet new members, your odds of getting to meet someone special are still pretty high.

There is room for improvement on this site, but it is still offering quite a lot for the money you're paying. One of the best things is the number of members ,which pretty much guarantees you'll find someone. The search tools and the matching software are pretty good, as well as the bonus features. You won't be unsatisfied if you join Large Friends, so give it a try today. To improve your love life and save money at the same time, make sure you pick the 6 month membership plan and get 60% off of the regular price.

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