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Latex Heaven

Latex Heaven

Review date: 4-Apr-2011 17:54. Are you a rubberist? Got the hots for beauties in tight PVC and latex? Find shiny, tight second skin really sexy? Whatever it is about latex which turns you on the most, the tightness, the feel, the smell, the revealing contours, now you don’t have to die to go to heaven. Latex Heaven got a lot to offer, mainly angelic British models in latex, in fact!

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Latex Heaven

Intro promises:
Latex underwear, latex stockings, latex catsuits and dresses, even leggins. The variety of shapes, textures and colors is endless. You may be a fan of sexy latex and PVC outfits for your very own reasons. One thing is for sure. A site like Latex Heaven will inspire your fantasies in the best possible way. We know it’s a subtle and gentle fantasy, and it takes a place built with understanding and precision to satisfy your needs. Latex Heaven looks totally capable of doing so. The site is British and somehow when it comes to certain fetishes in adult entertainment, those guys across the pond really know how it’s done. We don’t have any explanation for this, but one this is for sure, if it’s kinky and narrow enough, you can trust the Brits. Latex Heaven is one of their latest latex-themed creations. Get the spirit and set yourself into the mood with the site’s carefully built free zone. The design doesn’t look very fancy, but wait till the latex spell starts working on you. The site’s tour area is a real paradise with beautiful, truly glamorous models wearing probably all sorts of skin-tight latex you can imagine. The clarity and crispness of the photographs is truly outstanding, even with the lower preview quality. The tour pages feature a great deal of recent updates and as you make your way to the sign up form, you find out everything you need to know about Latex Heaven.

Latex Heaven does have heavenly qualities – well, that is, if you are into high end babes playing around in skin tight latex clothes and underwear. First thing to find out about this highly special site is the fact that it’s a photo site. That’s right, photosets only. We doubt that any hardcore latex fan will ever doubt the choice of media here. It takes the intricacy and the magic of a well-taken picture to reveal the beauty and the fetish qualities of a lovely lady in latex. High resolution photos are available with a few thousand pictures on every side of the image come in galleries of around 70 images. So far the crew behind Latex Heaven has added around 40 galleries. Smaller pictures are also available, and all the awesomeness of Latex Heaven is easily viewable in the model catalog. Naturally, all content is exclusive to the site. Every week, a new photo shoot is added, and every week it’s the same high level of quality. The photo stories take place in nice looking rooms and even bars; in other words, the interiors are matching, the light pours through the windows and plays beautifully on the tight latex curves of all these dresses, lingerie items, legins and what not. Some of the photo series are really captivating and you can actually choose the models you like most and expect the crew to add more episodes with latex glamour babes of your choosing.

Latex Heaven is glamour photography, stunning young women with a subtle understanding of latex and a variety of latex gear combined. If you appreciate the beauty of a latex-wrapped babe, let these UK beauties guide you all the way to your very personal latex heaven. The photos are visually stunning in many cases, and the variety of latex outfits used will be big enough for every latex fetishist. Sit back and let latex-clad UK glamour models enslave your eyes and soul!

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