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Layered Nylons

Layered Nylons

Review date: 2-May-2012 15:25. What do you think looks hotter, pantyhose or stockings? Not the easiest thing to decide on, is it? Has it ever occurred to you girls can actually wear both at the same time, layering sexy, sensual nylon over their luscious legs for a breathtakingly erotic look and feel? Layered Nylons offers perfectly unique experience to everyone who can appreciate the beauty and sensuality of nylon.

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Layered Nylons

Intro promises:
Any nylon enthusiasts out there? We know you are there, guys. Whenever we find a worthy, satisfying nylon-themed site, we review it for you hoping to offer places where your inner nylon freak can run free and enjoy the best from what the today’s adult entertainment industry can offer. We also know some of you are into pantyhose while others prefer stockings. The debate what actually looks hotter has been going on forever and it doesn’t really have any kind of possible finish, does it? How about this, a site just emerged which builds a bridge between two camps, that of stocking fans and that of pantyhose fans. It’s called Layered Nylons and just as the name suggests it features sexy girls playing around with stockings and pantyhose (and other types of sexy undergarments) layered on them apparently with the specific purpose of blowing your mind completely. Really, it may seem crazy at first, but check out the tour which is by the way incredibly well put together, and you’ll feel something you have never experienced before. Watch all these girls play around and touch themselves and tease and what not wearing sexy stockings – and sheer pantyhose on top of that. Just as an example of the whole thing, you know. Apparently they combine colors and textures and what not, and we promise, it will rock your nylon fan’s world!

Layered Nylons is a site which we can say a lot of good things about. That’s right, we’ll just lay it out straight on the table, nothing hidden and nothing held behind. If only more adult sites were like this. It has a really unique idea, and it backs it up with incredibly nice-looking content which includes photos in resolution up to 5,000 px as well as videos in native HD. You can choose, of course, and settle for lesser quality if you need. But you know, once you are here, why not go for the best you can get? Trust us, it’s worth it. Layered Nylons updates 3 times every week and a brand new photo shoot or a video episode is added to the site with every update. The site uses young, glamorous, naturally teasing European and UK models who can really electrify your nerves with their performances. It’s a softcore site with a reasonable dose of nudity. Don’t expect anything too dirty to happen here, it’s a whole different deal. It’s all about sensuality and setting your imagination free thinking about how these nylon combos could feel under your hands. The girls combine super sexy panties with all, and we mean all, sorts of pantyhose and stockings to create really unique ensembles which are as sexy as they are original and unexpected. You know, Layered Nylons proves that online erotica still can surprise, and for the fee they ask from you to join, this is a fantastic deal.

Layered Nylons is exactly what the name says, it’s nylons being pantyhose and stockings layered in different combinations for unique feel and look. The site offers episodes full of subtle tease and really thrilling performances by fresh-looking European and UK babes. The quality is really fantastic and we can’t really wish for anything to be different here. Get ready for a unique, inimitable experience you just won’t get anywhere else. Let’s see how these naughty nylons combine, shall we!

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