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Lazer Bunny

Lazer Bunny

Review date: 5-Nov-2017 05:28. The fact that most of the sites you've already seen and those that you've yet to have the pleasure of pleasuring yourself to, continue to dish out that disappointing feeling of d'j' vu, doesn't really bode well for the creative skills of those posting these uninspired presentations that cost just as much to look at as much higher quality ones.

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Lazer Bunny

Intro promises:
Where the alt-porn genre of adult entertainment differs, runs parallel to how 'alternative' (and more so 'indie') music differs from studio-produced, cookie-cutter commercial music: It offers something that typical consumers don't want to take a chance to experience, as it's designed specifically for a dedicated audience that appreciates it for the fact that it often experiments with style and goes in unexpected directions.

Lazer Bunny is a particularly innovative example of a sex site thinking and fucking outside the box, while still serving up enough of that sweet, pink box you've come to'expect and appreciate. Starring a substantial stable of'young, all-natural models of the pierced, tattooed, dyed-haired persuasion, much of the material intermingles music video-style elements into the visuals, besides actual music playing during many of the scenes. As bosomy babe Angelica Meow sucks and titty-fucks a dude to a cummy conclusion, abrasive tunes from uncredited bands that remind me of Arab on Radar, Murder City Devils and Social Distortion, riff away in rhythm to her'bobbing head. While'elsewhere, Ariel Adore bangs both her holes with a glass dildo to a compilation of tracks from She Wants Revenge. In 'Two Girls One Cock,' the soundtrack switches around from Sex Pistols-style snotty punk to techno to acid jazz, as a pair of gals shares some penis before taste testing each other. As a collection of short streaming/downloadable films (Windows Media, QuickTime, iPod formatted), the videos are a party mix of solo, guy/girl and threeways. Homemade-looking segments like 'Astrid Live at Lzrbunny Mansion' and 'Mary Lou Hidden Bunny Cam,' offer a gritty, realistic take on the exhibitionist masturbation scene and the enthusiastic, saliva-spewing art of oral, respectively. A huge separate collection of photo albums (featuring even more Bunnies doing dirty things in dirty-looking places) showcases a'range of'eye-catching styles, settings and'scenarios,'and'can be flipped through in more ways than just your typically bland page of thumbs. Each with a distinct personality and attitude, here'all of the girls come off as sexy, authentic and enjoying the fact that you're here to enjoy them.

Even though, at this point, you don't'usually use'Zen-like concentration'while beating out a batch, Lazer Bunny's clever concept of soundtracked sex should definitely'have you looking up from your lap a little bit more. And, even if the double-bass attack of Pantera-type thrash metal scares your tiny turtle back into hiding, these bunnies'don't look anywhere near'ready to run away.'You'always have the option of hitting 'Mute' though,'if you'd prefer to'serenade your schlong with that same ole' song you've been singing since you first started whacking.

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