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Les Anal

Les Anal

Review date: 4-Nov-2017 07:53. I read somewhere long ago that many women don't explore their nether regions since they were told to stay out of those areas unless absolutely necessary while growing up. At the same time, boys were praised for being able to effectively wield their equipment. This stigmatization apparently didn't stick with the ladies of Les Anal, as they have no qualms about taking turns thoroughly plunging each other's holes. Yes, all of them.

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Les Anal

Intro promises:
Every scene involves an Around the World (mouth, pussy, ass, back to mouth) of some sort or another, all involving your standard sexual implements (dildos, strap-ons, vibrators).' A little imagination or variety wouldn't have hurt, had they thrown in a bowling pin, cucumber, broom handle, or table leg now and again, but it was not to be. Be prepared for a lot of brightly colored plastic to disappear and reappear time and time again, to squeals of (perhaps a bit overacted) joy and bliss. Seldom is it just one on one, either.' Many times three or more girls get into a given video, going to town on themselves and each other, licking, prodding, poking, shoving, and bonding in that way only horny, Sapphic females can.

Logging into the site brings you right to the last five updates, and from there you can use the navigation bar to get right to movies, favorites, a girl index, bonus DVDs, live cams, help, and a contact page.' There are three other sites thrown in for good measure with your membership (GirlsFuckEachOther, BWLesbians, RealBlackLesbians), all sharing a very similar layout so after you learn one, you're good to go. Downloadable videos are all Windows Media Player format, though they are available in medium (512x384) and high (720x540) resolution formats, spanning anywhere from about 125MB up to around 400MB per video.' You also have the option of viewing them online in a streaming Flash format if you prefer.' The only images are screenshots taken from the higher resolution video, available only as galleries; no Zip archives were to be found.

Also included in the extras are online streaming porn DVDs, thousands of them, apparently.' If you run out of things to do at the main site (which will take a while), those should adequately occupy your time till the next update rolls around. The site was well organized with little or no clutter, the links work, the video was good overall, though a lack of big names and somewhat repetitive content may diminish things for some.' Bonuses are reasonable and help justify the costs.' All in all, a solid effort for those who want to see groups of girls taking turns stuffing hole after hole.

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