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Lesbian Movie Matrix

Lesbian Movie Matrix

Review date: 18-Oct-2017 05:47. Some people view vanilla as an absence of chocolate. Others know it's a subtle flavor in its own right. If you're in the latter camp, and have ever craved an ice cream shop offering 31 flavors of variation on this classic, this would be the lesbian movie site for you. If, on the other hand, you were interested in seeing lesbians, I'd steer clear.

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Lesbian Movie Matrix

Intro promises:
As far as I could tell, none of the site content is original. It features downloadable movies of conventionally attractive, generally young women having pretty standard sex with each other. It's a clearinghouse of platinum blondes with expensive tans and equally expensive breasts having sex with their equally gorgeous-but-standardized brunette friends. The effect is a bit as if Barbie grew up and wanted to have some fun with her girlfriends in front of the cameras.

There are as many variations on this theme as there are flavors of vanilla. Most of the films offer little if any pretense of story with their sex. I personally found all the eye candy a bit empty, as if I'd skipped dinner and gone straight for an entire helping of cotton candy. The films range from super-produced, entirely plot-free pictures like the 'When the Boyz are Away the Girlz will Play' series to amateur movies. My favorite, a selection from the amateur department, was a short film about a young woman seeking help with her 'homework' from her older roommate. The camera work was dark and wobbly, the dialog stilted, and one of the actors looked bored, but it had a giant stuffed panda, and that's just hard to beat for the random kitsch factor. While the pro actors did a considerably better job of appearing to have a good time, not one of them convinced me she was a lesbian. The women looked like they were at work. They appeared to be having a pretty good day, but still, ultimately, like they were working. Speaking of work, navigating the site was unpleasantly like being at a desk job. The interface is pretty straightforward, but there were numerous small technical glitches and temporary outages in the short time I was playing with it. When I was able to download a movie, the video quality was always good, but it took several tries over a few days to catch the site at a spot where it was working well. All the movies require Windows Media Player, and can be downloaded in three different file sizes, and in sections as well as whole scenes. One small peeve: the front page offers peeks at a few very sexy looking films that are not easily findable once you enter the members section.

Once inside, lesbian is only one of the categories available. You can leave our vanilla girls any time you like for a variety of other flavors, with presumably similar content. While my preference is for more spice and originality, ultimately, the site served its purpose. I watched some clips from it with a lover, and it got me laid. Hard to argue with that.

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