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Lesbian Truth

Lesbian Truth

Review date: 3-Jul-2014 18:23. Sometimes learning the truth is shocking and pleasant at the same time. At Lesbian Truth, you will learn the truth about what girls really do to please each other. Covering both sensual lesbian kissing, tribbing, or rubbing those tight twats together, as well as pretty rough lesbian sex, the site is a real lez encycopedia, only with HD vids.

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Lesbian Truth

Intro promises:
Girl-on-girl pleasures is a pretty complex phenomenon. Just as girls themselves are emotional and unpredictable creatures, the things they do to get each other off are sophisticated and sensual at the same time. Few sites out there have managed to grasp what it really means for a girl to get or give pleasure to another girl. Luckily, Lesbian Truth, a site launched only last month, makes a very comprehensive attempt at embracing it all. It employs a rare yet very nice-looking way of determining what its focuses should be. The site’s content selection is a multi-faceted archive with enough room for passionate kissing, rubbing pussies together, known as tribbing, and things rough, such as girl-girl domination, punishment, revenge, and more. The heat is built up through the site and we totally liked that. Every of the three themes deserves a separate page in the site’s tour area, as do the models. The latter are cute, young, naughty-spirited girls, and the former are lengthy pages filled with episode samples and video trailers. Lesbian Truth makes a strong impression right away, that of being a solid, trustworthy and professionally made adult product. They also seem to understand a thing or two about the female mystique, so we didn’t want to miss all this awesomeness. As you might have guessed, we did not take things for granted and ventured deeper to experience the offerings as they should be experienced.

We felt the site was quite high grade already watching the video trailers. Sincere action, great production and super pretty girls were the factors shining even through the brief video trailers. We were not mistaken, we can tell you after we’ve seen Lesbian Truth in its true shape. The site was less than a month old at the time of reviewing, and this really justifies the amount of content inside. In fact, there were around 20 episodes, meaning 20 video sets and 20 picture sets. There is a handsome bunch of bonus content as well. Not a megasite for sure, but a site with great content, lots of potential and a promising update schedule. Stream the videos in your browser or download them, either way, it’s highly enjoyable. These run at around 25 minutes. The movies can be saved as WMV files in really decent 5,000kbps quality. No download limits restrict your freedom here. Pictures are offered in bunches of 170-200 images per set, and offer amazing crispness. Generally the content is highly enjoyable, with fantastic girls, music in the video, nice camera work, and very intense lesbian sex action. Whether they are kissing, going insane rubbing pussies against each other, or going rough with stiletto heels pressed into nipples, ropes and nasty orders, you can’t keep your eyes off the screen. The model index is a convenient feature letting you pick content with a girl you fancy. It’ll be great to see the site grow.

In the lesbian porn scene, Lesbian Truth is quite a strong player. The site aims to cover it all from the sensual to the rough and seems pretty successful at doing it. All content is easily downloadable and offers outstanding authenticity and honesty you will be willing to return to for weeks on end. There are no DRM limitations here so you can actually do so even after your membership expires. But for us, leaving such a source of great, emotional and intense lesbian content was something we could not really do. So, welcome, and enjoy!

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