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Lesbians Elite

Lesbians Elite

Review date: 16-Aug-2017 08:13. If you prowl through the visitor side of Lesbians Elite, unless you're slipping into a terminal case of rigor mortis, chances are you'll find the presentation more than inspiring, but having been to the expensive side of this site, it merits taking note of some less apparent details.

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Lesbians Elite

Intro promises:
For starters, if you haven't figured out what this site is about, you may want to double check the language setting on your web browsers. Lesbians = Girl-Girl and Lesbians Elite, at least from the outside seems like an awesome collection of dirty young dykes captured on film. Additionally, the makers of this porn portal promise the highest in moving and still picture quality for their gallery viewers. This means WMV/HD which is state of the art in crystal clear sharp desktop viewing. In this regard, I did find galleries of hot chicks who preferred their raunchy romps with other chicks in hi res video and photos.

But, and this is not the first tour from these makers that I'm having trouble with, the preview suggests much more than I seemed to be able to find in the members area - easily that is. I'm used to checking out members' areas and for the most part 99.99% of sites organize their content well enough that I can jump right to the primary good and then dip into the bonus materials when I have finished checking out the "on-topic" content. In the case of this membership, I got the impression that it was a hodge podge of various chunks of content - all with various dates of addition and formats. Rather than providing a clear and simple path to ALL the lesbian content (movies and pictures), the members area at Lesbians Elite seems to put up easy links to their highest grade flicks (as promised) and unless you go out to the bonus sites (logging into each one at a tedi-*u*k-iness at a time), you may end up missing out on what seems to be (eventually) a large collection of content. I think the makers of this site might serve themselves, and especially their members, to go back to the drawing board and redesign their navigation. I don't doubt for a second that others will share in the same frustrations and grief I experienced when trying to find all the goodies promised. Aside from getting shitty marks for site design and navigation (oh, and add outdated obsoleted links in the listings too), the actual content IS very good. There are galleries of videos and pictures of the highest production quality and they do seem to bring out the naughtiest in lesbian lovemaking. The chicks getting it on with each other are very sweet and sexy. Guys and gals should get a thrill out of the erotic and sexual encounters which unfold in the pics and flicks. Everything from mutual oral sex to humping, fingering, and double ended dildo fucking is included in this collection.

It's clear to me that the makers of this site (which includes lots of bonus content) for the, higher than usual $39.91 monthly fee, have tried to upgrade a legacy collection of significant proportions. But if they expect members to be satisfied with their ticket price, they should have another go at their makeover. Regardless, the trial price of $2.91 for 3 days IS affordable and having a quick peek at Lesbians Elite is worthwhile.

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