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Lesbo HDV

Lesbo HDV

Review date: 13-Apr-2015 17:41. Some kinds of porn just go better in HD. Well, all of them, right? Especially when we are talking about these super sweet pussy addicts here. Lesbo HDV brings new content standards to the lesbian niche with its magnificent full screen high definition videos. Not just that, beautiful girls and hot, hard, honest lesbian sex action, too, so check it out!

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Lesbo HDV

Intro promises:
If we were to choose which types and niches of porn could come in HD quality only, lesbian porn would definitely be chosen. We have found out it just makes the entire thing more beautiful. As if there can be anything more beautiful than two lovely girls fucking, sucking and kissing each other to exhaustion, right? But still, if you throw high definition films into the mix, it just becomes unbearably hot and sensual. How do we know that? Lesbo HDV helped us understand. This sparkling new site was recently added to the family of HD-only sites all of which got HDV in their names. Thus you can spot them, and we have actually reviewed some of them here already. Anyway, Lesbo HDV is the newest addition to the family, and the name is, as usual, pretty self-explanatory here. The site is radiant with beauty and high quality and apparently it features gorgeous American porn starlets brought together in hot, hard scenes of girl-on-girl sex. The tour area leaves a very positive impression with its high quality design, a generous bunch of really cool-looking video trailers, and a few site facts which really help you make your customer decision. For us, when we saw all these drop dead gorgeous starlets driving each other crazy with their toys and tongues, there wasn’t much left to think about. You know how they say arousal drains blood from the brain, right, haha?

When you enter the member area of Lesbo HDV, things just keep getting better. It’s glamour and gorgeousness all the way! The site is already loaded with dozens of exclusive lesbian episodes. As a bonus you get access to niche feeds with plenty of stuff to watch, also in HD. The member area looks and feels just as good as the tour area, that’s for sure. The choice of streaming and download options is quite impressive. Those aiming for best quality (and maximum file size as well) can aim for 720p MP4 files which can be easily saved to your computer. This is the highest quality mode for downloading, but in fact nothing should prevent you from actually streaming the movies right in your browser. Most modern computers and connections should allow it, you won’t clutter your hard disk with something which works perfectly from the web, and hey, one more reason to return to this wonderful site! Anyway, smaller resolutions are available, and mobile device users have something for them as well. There are MP4 files adapted for mobile screens, and these look no less HD we should say. Well, now back to the action – things happening here are hot, steamy and straightforward. Couples or whole gangs of girls play with each other’s smooth bodies, and there’s no shortage of glamorous interiors, sex toys and lingerie. All girls got this pornstar feeling about them, they both look gorgeous and act totally naughty. If this is your sort of thing, you should love it!

Lesbo HDV is uncompromising quality and almost unbearable heat of raw lesbian sex combined. The site features plenty of highly watchable lesbian content, all exclusive, as well as lots of content feeds which just never stop churning out varied HD porn straight onto your screen. Whether we are talking about big TV, desktop computer or mobile gadget watching here, you’re always getting the crispest possible picture, great quality sound – and some of the most sincere and honest lesbian sex scenes ever filmed in adult entertainment.

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