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Lestai Games

Lestai Games

Review date: 15-Aug-2017 09:02. Do you think hentai girls are hot? If you do, you’ll probably be into lestai, also known as yuri. This subgenre explores everything hentai and lesbian, and boy is this hot. Lestai Games lets you take your yuri experience to a whole new level offering dozens and dozens of interactive games which will take you to the world where no male can tread. Are you ready to take a trip there?

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Lestai Games

Intro promises:
When just watching gets a bit too boring, what do you do? If you’re smart enough, you start looking for a way to get involved! Adult games have been a thing for quite a while. Perhaps too small of a thing though. We totally feel more people could know about these and just take their experiences to a whole new level. Granted, you do need that extra bit of imagination here, but hey, isn’t this what eroticism is all about? Lestai Games here is quite a special place offering you what’s the hottest and most recent in the world of yuri, or lesbian hentai. Yes, with that added interactivity bit. The site is all dedicated to these super hot hentai cutie with huge eyes and huge breasts who are so much into each other no man is allowed. Well, except you, of course. With these interactive games, you can become part of this very special world – and help the girls get the pleasure they're after so much! Sure, this thing stands out of our usual adult site routine here, but a change is always fun. Lestai Games has this lovely Flash-based tour area which is glowing with cuteness, features a whole bunch of pussy-hungry hentai sluts, and also lets you play a game for free. Cool! Give it a try and when you’re ready to get immersed in secret girl-only passions, enter Lestai Games and let’s play!

You know how these games go, right? There can be some sort of pre-defined story and at certain points you make choices deciding what this or that girl does or says. Sometimes these games are simpler, with a narrower story where you only do a few things, like choose what a girl does to the other girl next, fingers her, kisses, toys her wet hentai pussy etc. It’s not like you will spend your entire life playing these, but when you’re in the right mood and ready to invest that extra bit of imagination, this whole thing can be quite atmospheric and sensual. The games at Lestai Games are downloadable to your computer, so after you read the descriptions in the member area, you can pick the ones you want to play. You can also play them on the site, but as long as downloads are available, you don’t need to be online all the time to play. There is a dream-like quality to a lot of these games, with lots of girlie romance going on, cute Japanese soundtracks, lovingly drawn young hentai babes and other things. You are not likely to have any trouble playing any of these, the site explains the whole process in enough detail. Lestai Games not only shows you some of the hottest yuri action ever, but it lets you make the choices and get involved! It’s pretty damn awesome!

Take your hentai and anime experiences to a whole new level with Lestai Games, a site filled with interactive Flash-based yuri games. You’re the one who decides what happens to these girls next. They are head over heels in love with each other, and it’s only a matter of minutes before they get clashed against each other in emotional, steamy, tender, mind-boggling lesbian sex. A nice change from all other online porn you know for sure. A whole bunch of games to download and play, and dozens of ultra pretty hentai girls with a passion for pussy!

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