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Lezbo Land

Lezbo Land

Review date: 16-Aug-2017 08:19. I will be the first to admit that I cannot speak to the desires of real lesbian women (there's that dam thing between my legs which kind of challenges that orientation), BUT, as most lesbian erotica on the web is aimed at horny guys (straight and gay gals too), the X factor of Lezboland should be of significant appeal to all!

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Lezbo Land

Intro promises:
With a title like Lezboland, you can't really miss on what it's about. Of course, if you have explored your fair share of girl-girl porn, you will know that dykes come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. From my careful examination of the content at this site, it's fair to say that the makers have rounded up only the most gorgeous young (20ish) babes from around the world and quietly tucked their cameras in the corner of the room as the babes explore their lesbian and bisexual curiosities. A lot, if not most, of the galleries featured at Lezboland are from the Czech Republic. If you're a fan of Europorn, you will know that Czech Republic is one of the hottest sources of babes on the planet. This collection of pussy licking and dildo fucking babes only adds to the incredible reputation Czech has earned in the world of porn.

The content at this site is all video and of the highest quality. Somehow, the makers of Lezboland knew that you would want to stash each of their flicks into your own private collection and they have made it really easy to do so. For starters, the MPEG quality rocks and downloading the movies is as easy as right clicking. You can stream the flicks too if you want to get some hot girl-girl action happening on your screen without any delay. That is one of the nice parts about streaming - you click, Windows Media Player starts up, and the show is already rolling. No DRM is applied (that's Digital Rights Management for you nubes), so even after your membership has expired, the movies will still work from your hard drive (if you were smart enough to download them). When commenting on a "lesbian" niche site, there are all the usual trappings which can be talked about - kissing, pussy licking, fingering, toy sex, and such. But additionally, this site merits some attention to the TENDERNESS it evokes through its various galleries. The girls are sweet and innocent looking to start with, but even as they explore each other sexually, they do it in a gentle way which makes even the hardcore action feel like sexy softcore (only in a good way). The scenes themselves involve various scenarios. One of the flicks I checked out started off with two girls waking up on a bed. They must have had a pillow party the night before. They look like college girls in the dorm wearing only tshirts and cotton panties. After a bit of kissing, they decide that morning classes can wait as they had better things in mind. Before long, the panties are off, revealing beautifully shaved and trimmed pussies. But unlike many other lesbo girl flicks, the young babes at Lezboland, seem to know how to get it on girl-girl style. There is not much awkwardness or "pretend dyke play" - these chicks know how to lick a clit and finger a pussy.

With almost 50 videos to enjoy, the membership fee of $14.95 for one month is an absolute steal! You can even get a 2 day fun pass for $2.95 (3 months $39.95, 1 year $99.95). If you're looking for a gentle erotic retreat into the world of girl-girl lovemaking, take a trip to Lezboland - you won't regret it!

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