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Lingerie AV

Lingerie AV

Review date: 26-Dec-2013 04:29. Do you like glamorous Japanese AV girls? Do you also like sexy expensive lingerie that makes a girl wearing it even more feminine, flirtier and foxier? If you answered yes to both of these questions, Lingerie AV now gloriously joins the JAV HD network with as many as 11 great niche sites in it now. This place is very well put together, and it offers some pretty awesome HD content!

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Lingerie AV

Intro promises:
If you had to choose girls of what particular type look the hottest in fine silk and nylon lingerie, what type would that be? Today, we would probably say it would be glamorous Japanese AV girls. Want to know why? Well, just because we found out about this awesome place called Lingerie AV, and we are now hooked. If you take your Japanese AV erotica seriously, you probably remember this rocking network called JAV HD. With us, we don’t just remember it, we’re long-standing members! Our members are long-standing for sure as well, lol. Today, it’s pretty much the best you can get in Japanese AV erotica, uncensored and in high definition. So, Lingerie AV joins this great family of even greater sites, pushing the total number of hotspots in the network all the way to 11. They have quite a few sites with interesting niche specializations, like hairy pussies, MILFs, teens and such. Really, a lingerie site was long overdue. The tour, as it usually is with JAV HD, is a sparkling extravaganza. Check out the fancy design, huh! We didn’t find any actual video trailers, but the photo previews and the site facts and the benefits of the network are more than interesting. You just feel these people care about what they do, you know? So much great stuff is packed into so little space, but so effortlessly at the same time. We won’t even say how hot these Japanese babes and their bushes look in all the gorgeous nylon garments they are wearing!

But of course, they do look hot as hell, all these glamorous Japanese models. It’s amazing how beautiful they are, not just in terms of looks, but demeanor as well. Real centerfold models, that’s for sure. With all that having been said, it’s pretty obvious that for us Lingerie AV is mostly a video site, right? We are not saying there’s anything wrong with the photos. Quite the opposite, they are taken separately and often convey details and things that the movies may not have. But it’s the movies that you’ll be after – at least at first. These come in a staggering choice of quality modes. With the network’s custom streaming video player that is really rich with features, watching and downloading the video content has never been easier. It’s like YouTube, but better! The network’s vast collection of updates really calls for additional categorization features, and you are welcome to use that. Tags, too. They also place emphasis on interacting with their members. You are always welcome to rate or comment on stuff. But of course you can just sit back and watch. The updates cover it all from solo posing and masturbation to really heated Japanese threesomes, kinky toy play, weird insertions, vibrators, and the like. And it’s all with superiorly beautiful AV models and some of the sexiest lingerie you’ll ever see in online porn! We’re rooting for you, Lingerie AV.

Lingerie AV is a great new addition to JAV HD. Covering lingerie this time, the network never stops increasing the value of their very modestly priced membership. This is the best in exclusive AV erotica right now, with hundreds of video and photo updates easily enjoyed via the site’s trendy-looking, feature-rich member area. Lingerie AV does deliver what it promises – which is tens of glamorous models, hundreds of ultra sexy lingerie items, and lots of uncensored sex in HD! See it all now!

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