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Lingerie Tales

Lingerie Tales

Review date: 27-Jun-2017 08:05. Now this is something special. Lingerie Tales may look like a pretty regular online erotica site. But look around a little bit, and you realise it’s not. No, it’s not hardcore sex with girls wearing lingerie. We were hoping it would be, but it’s actually better. It’s hot ladies in hot lingerie reading or telling hot stories about getting fucked! Let’s take a look.

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Lingerie Tales

Intro promises:
Usually you think you know all the basic types of porn. Not even genres, but like, what kind of content it is. There’s photos, there’s videos. There’s all these games with 3D graphics and such. There’s stories for those who like to read, yet this particular type has sort of been overshadowed with visual stuff. If only there could be a way to bring XXX stories to life! They are packing such a strong erotic punch if you invest a little patience and imagination. But we get it, who has time for that stuff these days? However, Lingerie Tales here proves that one can still breathe new life into the familiar. It’s not exactly stories. It’s not exactly your regular porn videos. What is it then? Well, check this out. The site is essentially all about gorgeous women who undress and tease and play with their bodies as they tell you or read you naughty stories about them getting fucked hard. How about that? We are pretty sure literally nobody combined naughty videos and stories in such a manner. The site has a really classy feel about it, check out its sophisticated free tour look. So sensual and glamorous, and all these photos of girls and video trailers. It’s really hard to not get curious about this whole thing — and hard, too. Anticipation, friends, is very important. If you like gorgeous women, nasty stories, and fresh original content, keep reading.

Damn. This is actually pretty addictive. Once you have a gorgeous self-confident sexy woman tell you her story instead of watching her go through the motions for the camera, you very well may be lost for the conventional porn forever. It’s just a totally different experience. Sure, you don’t get to see her penetrated, but do you really need to? It’s all working in your head, and she’s teasing you with the way she moves and reveals more and more skin, never stopping to tell what could be the naughtiest story you will ever hear a woman tell. Definitely an unusual concept for a website. Will it work for you? Kinda hard to say right away, but we feel like Lingerie Tales has everything you need for a very satisfying experience. There are dozens of videos featuring tens of girls, and you will feel you get to build an intimate connection with all of them. They are not just gorgeous and super sexy. But of course they are. They also have interesting personas and sexual preferences, and all of that will be revealed to you. Lingerie Tales offers high definition videos you can easily download, plus, each set comes with a bunch of photos. You know, if you feel like shifting the focus from your ears back to your eyes. There’s also a forum and all the other goodies you expect from a good, meaningful site.

Lingerie Tales is totally interesting and unusual. How about touching yourself as a hot ass lady teases you showing more and more of her skin, reading an erotic story at the same time — perhaps an erotic story based on her own experience? This is definitely something very unusual, and if you are open to new experiences, you should totally check this stuff out. See Lingerie Tales now, it needs your support, these guys completely deserve it!

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