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Lisa Sparxxx

Lisa Sparxxx

Review date: 13-Aug-2017 06:06. I know, you're probably thinking, what's the big deal about a single model site? When it comes to Lisa SparXXX, I would use the following tags: 36DD-32-36 natural, throatjob expert, double penetration whore, double vaginal, black on white cocks, groupsex junkie - oh, and did I mention she's a total porn slut?

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Lisa Sparxxx

Intro promises:
I think my mom just rolled over in her grave. "That's no way to talk about a lady" she would say. But, Lisa SparXXX is NO lady - she's a hot young busty pornstar who deserves her own website just to showcase her sexual talents! Besides, she has plenty of fuck friends to mix up her parties enough to shed the "single model" feel. Ordinarily, I recommend against investing your porn dollars into one slut towns, but just from the preview, I was itching to watch this babe do her dirty. While it's the members' area that ultimately defines a site, the tour of this destination is pretty snazzy and it's clear that considerable effort has gone into crafting this porn outlet.

When you read her bio, it's clear that this chick was made for fuck flicks - she's already been in 250!! But more than her overwhelming XXX videography, she seems to be the kind of nasty girl that many guys (and gals) would love to have a romp with. She claims to like her sex rough and I wish she mentioned which club she hung out at, because, according to her, she loves to go into the back and have sex with strangers. So when I say Lisa SparXXX is a cum slut I'm using HER words, not mine! OK, big fancy promises aside, I scooted over to the members' area to see if she she boffed her talk. For starters, I'm pleased to report that the members' area design is just as slick and snazzy as in the tour. Getting around is very easy and members have their choice of: Galleries, Videos, Bonus, Forums, and Girlfriends. I wanted to check out the flicks first, so when I clicked on Videos, I was presented with her hot categories: Face Fucking Movies, Fucking Movies, Interracial Movies, and Solo Movies. In checking out a sample Face Fucking Movie I was reminded that they don't call it "blowjob" any more - now it's a throatjob! And unlike many of her fellow porn starlets, Lisa does not require any helping hands (on the back of her head) to work a huge cock all the way down her throat. And, she looks like she's having a great time through the whole scene. The throatjob scene I watched was filmed in POV (Point of View) making her mouth work even more personal. This definitely scores top grades! The videos are not shot in the highest resolutions available today, but they are sharp and explicit enough to get the point across. Windows Media Player lets you stream or download the flicks. Many of the videos include male and female friends who liven up the sex party in more than one way. The other video categories offer up even raunchier (if you can imagine it) one-on-one and group sex DP orgies that make it abundantly clear that Lisa was made for XXX!

The picture galleries run parallel to the video episodes and include decent resolution (718x539) shots. Overall, there is lots of video and photo content to make the $24.95 monthly membership fee worth every penny. $7.95 will get you a 2 day Trial, and for $39.95 you can buy 60 days plus a DVD. And if you really think you might get tired of one hot sex kitten, there is plenty of bonus content of other hotties who love to do the dirty as much as Lisa SparXXX. All in all, Lisa SparXXX one of the better porn deals around today!

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