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Local Honeys

Local Honeys

Review date: 21-Oct-2017 06:38. The good news is that the site delivers much more than its intro tour promises. The bad news is that there is so much stuff of varying quality to look at that at times finding what you want takes time. As is the case with many other sites, Local Honeys is an entry point to many sites catering to different interests, from teens to trannys, and claims to host over 1 million pics.

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Local Honeys

Intro promises:
While the apparent lack of focus will turn away niche aficionados, it seems perfect for those who are looking for a new kink but are not ready to commit to a particular party line just yet. A large portion of the site is devoted to girls "next door" performing solo. Unfortunately, while the models seem to be true amateurs, so do the people behind the camera. Pictures in many galleries are badly lit, off contrast and small in size, although this may prove a turn-on to some.

Due to the site's sheer scope, the true jewels are abundant. You get a believable peek at real girls doing real girlie things, such as shaving their pussies or checking their butt size in a mirror. You should definitely check out the Voyeur galleries and movies of masturbating women and bathing girls taken through a keyhole. The site's biggest turn-ons are: 1. Hidden bathroom camera. Watching girls taking shower has been my kink since college days, and watching these high-quality full-screen movies was an exciting experience. Local Honeys 2.Spring break video footage. If you never got to go to those wild Cancun parties and were wondering what you missed, see for yourself. Flashing, drinking, swimming babes are having the time of their lives, captured on camera. 3. Voyeur Dorm. The guys put a dozen of cameras throughout a sorority, bathroom included, and you get to watch the live feeds and even chat with the sisters, who are of no shy kind at all. The Geek Bonus: Local Honeys offers several sex-themed flash interpretations of the popular video games, most notably Sextris, Anal Invaders and Black Jack-off plus an X-rated CGI comics series "Space Amazons".

Because of the site's structure, its navigation takes time to get used to and some links will take you to unexpected places, but fear no pop-ups. I couldn't find any apparent way to download movies to my computer. The site charges $39.95 a month for access. It deserves a solid 4 for the amount of the good content it offers. Go ahead and give it a try, it'll give you hours of entertainment.

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