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Lonely Amateur

Lonely Amateur

Review date: 21-Oct-2017 06:18. I love the term “amateurs” when it comes to the X-rated world. Will someone tell me what that is supposed to mean? I guess it means part time floozies; like housewives, coeds, waitresses, Wall Mart associates, corporate drones, or even traditional working girls who make themselves available for cocksucking, cuntbumping, slitlicking, fingerfucking or just plain old screwing in front of their boyfriends' video cameras.

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Lonely Amateur

Intro promises:
Does that make them any less sexy or stimulating then “professional” sex stars who labor all day under the hot klieg lights to turn out basically the same product? Is getting from your girlfriend while you hold the digital camcorder above your head any less hotter then Jenna Jameson’s fellatic efforst in her latest big buck fuckathon? It’s probably all a matter of taste.

Lonely Amateur features lots of luscious “amateurs” posing au natural out doors, or in the shower, or in the privacy of their homes, spreading their legs, bending over, hanging out naked in the driveway, fucking two guys in a garage - the list goes on and on. Some are cuter, or have better figures then others, but sometimes a dose of reality can actually be a lot more sexy then even the most elaborately staged professional sex fantasies. Check out photo galleries like Amateur Babes, featuring Candid Camera style shots of adults in action, and Ex Sluts, a collection of divorce or estranged young fuck bunnies; Kitchen Party features a cutie named Veronica who likes to parade around her house in the buff, and Fresh Femmes features some more mature types strutting their stuff.

Video streams include Awesome Amateurs, with some bewitching blonde beauties, and Amateur Lesbians, Amateur Nights, Amateur College Girls, and Amateur Threesomes, but judging form the action on some of these streams; I’d hate to see the pros!

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