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Love Leia

Love Leia

Review date: 17-Nov-2017 05:11. Leia loves attention - and when she saw how easy it was for her college friend Karen to have her own website to show off and tease all the boys - she wanted the same! Leia is the quiet girl with the bright and vibrant personality who loves to show off and look the best she can.

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Love Leia

Intro promises:
Love Leia features a sexy young woman with dark blonde hair perky tits and long legs. In the members area you’ll find over 182 picture sets (containing in total, over 10,000 pictures) of this teenage temptress getting into all sorts of scrapes both indoors and outdoor and they always end up with her losing her clothes!

A few of the pictures are a little dark for my liking but on the whole they are very good. As well as the pictures you will also find over 30 movie clips of LoveLeia, each lasting around three minutes long and are a mixture of either cam show type clips or more professionally taken movies both indoors and outdoors. The quality of those clips does vary quite wildly from just about acceptable to crystal clear.

Extra for members of Love Leia include loads of guest galleries forums and chats with Leia and free membership to two more teens sites. I’m in two minds about Love Leia, on the one hand if you like the look of Leia then you’ll certainly love her site but if you are just looking for a general teen’s site then maybe a different one is for you.

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