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Love Wetting

Love Wetting

Review date: 23-Nov-2014 13:40. Wetting fetish fans, good news for all of you. Love Wetting is now live, and it’s a very special site dedicated to European girls wetting their panties in realistic situations. The videos come in HD, they are very real – and often quite crazy, and overall it’s a great site. It also has a curious membership model. In other words, it’s new, it’s cool, and you gotta check it out now.

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Love Wetting

Intro promises:
Sometimes girls and their bladders just can’t coexist peacefully. There’s just no compromise between them. The result? The humiliation of wetting their pants, and the humiliation thing gets even worse if she’s say on a train or elsewhere in public. It’s not easy to spot a girl who has wetted herself though. But on the other hand, when you do see her with all the wet streaks running down her legs and the super embarrassed look, it’s quite a powerful thrill. This is exactly why Love Wetting was created. The guys who have launched a couple of great niche sites realized the dire condition the online wetting fetish scene was in. They are all about authenticity and reality and the sites they found were not about that at all. Plus, crappy quality movies. So, they build Love Wetting, a cool new site with Czech girls actually wetting themselves in public, peeing all over the place, experiencing the desperation and humiliation to the full. The site looks special right away, and we mean this in the best way possible. There’s quite a lot to see in the free area – and pay attention to the special way your membership works. You buy credits to download videos, which means you actually spend only on the videos you really enjoy. The video you purchased becomes available to you forever, and you also get bonus videos.

Love Wetting is completely insane, we will tell you that much. The site covers such a broad range of humiliating pissing-related situations it’s amazing. A girl who wets herself because she bought this big ass water bottle on the way to work and the transport situation is bad. A girl who puts her handbag on the grass peeing in the park and tries to run after the guy who steals it – pee running down her pants, of course. These are just a couple examples, but you can tell Love Wetting is fun already, right? The site is a real treat for all the wetting and peeing fetishists out there. Its member area design is clean and highly user friendly. The credits system is also quite good. You pay as low as $5 for lifetime downloads of a video that comes in high definition and is up to 15 minutes long. For every 3 videos you purchase, you get 3 bonus videos. You can choose between several format and quality modes, and streaming is available as well. Love Wetting is very well put together, especially for a micro niche site like it is. Their videos do deliver a powerful thrill especially when they up the kinky ante and there’s for example a wetting competition going on. What are these about exactly? We’ll leave it up to you to find out! You just need to see Love Wetting now.

We chose Love Wetting for incredible authenticity, amazing attention to detail, and a great choice of real life Czech hotties who wet themselves for real and never fake it. Also, the video purchase system is pretty cool. With Love Wetting, you only pay for the videos you actually like, letting the guys know which ones are better and helping them improve the site even further. It’s definitely about to become a wetting fetish bestseller. See Love Wetting now!

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