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Lovely Irene

Lovely Irene

Review date: 11-Oct-2017 06:05. Lovely Irene likes pretending coy - playing on her nubile appearance, her pigtails and stuffed toys. Nevertheless, she's a tease itching to pull her panties down and suck on cock like she's greedy for champagne.

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Lovely Irene

Intro promises:
Naughtiness aside, the site offers some extras worth noting. There is her forum where members can ask questions or post ideas. There is a store, and a gallery she has for her friends - all eleven of them and she only keeps the best-looking company. The extras menu is new and will one day stock bonus sites to keep you going.

Currently, Irene gives you 25 photo sets, each including on average 100 images to be viewed in a choice of sizes from regular to high-res. These pics are fresh, detailed, and range from the fully clothed to the fully nude. Irene romps or meanders her way through bathing with friends, stripping, taunting viewers with banana peels, and licking her own nipples. However, naughty Irene is not to be found beyond her opening gambit. Even in her videos, 11 movies with thumbnails, it's softcore, the art of the tease. The movies are seven-minutes long and downloadable in Windows Media. You get the full range of tease: self-pedicure to full-bodied whipped cream. For a blow job or other hardcore delights, you have to purchase the videos through her online store. Not every babe is good enough to get away with so much cock-teasing, but Irene has the cute, hot bod, and the moves and audacity to take you for that artful ride. She is lean and delicate and lets you visually consume every inch of her creamy white body. Unfortunately, she stopped updating her site.

You do need to weigh your options and needs considering she'll make you pay extra to see her give head. It's all a question or what does it for you. Due to the update schedule, this site is only worth it for those who haven't checked her out yet.

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