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Lovers in Latex

Lovers in Latex

Review date: 5-Sep-2012 17:52. Got a bit of a thing for hot kinky girls in latex? Brace yourselves, Lovers in Latex is coming. This all-new site features tremendous material with lovely girls pleasing themselves and each other wearing the best-looking latex outfits ever. Everything is filmed is HD, is totally exclusive, and is totally yours to keep forever after you download it. A total must see for latex fans!

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Lovers in Latex

Intro promises:
Damn, it’s just so shiny, feels so amazing when you touch it, and it embraces the body of the girl wearing it so tight you feel as if it’s her second, or even first skin. Got our gist? We’re talking about latex here. The world of latex is just so huge; from full-on outfits to latex underwear, stockings and accessories, this amazing material is just impossible to stop touching or looking at. We realize we haven’t had a good latex-themed site here in a while. However, now we have Lovers in Latex, and we feel this great new site is perfectly able to compensate for all these weeks of wait. The site is one classy hotspot of latex-themed action, featuring sexy female kinksters playing with themselves and with each other while wearing all sorts of latex garments and accessories. The site seems to be covering everything from latex teasing and posing all the way to girl on girl sex with massive toys, frenzied pussy eating, fingering and what not. Let’s start with the tour, we have a feeling it can tell us a few things about the site’s attitude. Dark, simple and yet extremely stylish, the tour showcases a whole bunch of episodes in a very classy way. Video trailers are available, and the big high resolution photo samples are soaked in beauty. Seriously, it all looks like an eye candy for a latex man already.

Get ready to explore your deepest latex-related fantasies, because Lovers in Latex feels just like the place for that. After all, what really can be hotter than watching two latex-wrapped girls get it on? The heat gets unbearable as you realize how much of a catalyst this whole latex thing is for the girls. Lovers in Latex is really great when it comes to content. These people totally realize you can’t offer subpar quality movies and pictures if you’re dealing with a thing as subtle as latex fetish. So, the production standards are really quite high here. Not only the girls look great and act naturally naughty on camera, they also wear refined, elaborate, expensive-looking latex outfits – and the whole thing is set in great indoor locations. The whole thing has a pinup feel to it, it has glamour and fetish all mixed together for a very special experience. All content comes in native high definition and naturally everything is yours to keep after you have downloaded it. Lovers in Latex is a narrow niche site which does care for its members in every possible aspect; not just the content, but the overall feel and the overall experience. Fantasize as much as you want what does it feel to touch these girls’ super sexy legs wrapped skin tight in black or colorful latex, Lovers in Latex got a lot of stuff for you to explore your desires!

Lovers in Latex is a brand new latex-themed site exploding with color, glamour and sensuality. Discover what girls feel when they get it on with other girls and both of them are wrapped in skin tight latex outfits, stockings and what not. The site has a pinup kind of feeling to it and it offers stellar quality high definition videos and pictures. You can download these and keep them forever – we are sure you’ll be re-watching them over and over again. Solo and girl on girl, all of the episodes look great inside Lovers in Latex, so check it out now!

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