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LSG Models

LSG Models

Review date: 31-Oct-2017 05:55. Before you ask, LSG actually stands for London Studio Group. The site looks very professional and well thought out. The homepage doesn't pull any punches and just throws the entire photo and video updates at you'which means, you can get straight into the content. The girls on the site are apparently high-demand fashion and lingerie models that have never posed nude anywhere else before.

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LSG Models

Intro promises:
There is a great mix of different women on LSG Models and a lot of the girls available will blow you away with their sheer beauty. The content is mostly softcore solo girl or girl on girl, but a fair few of the girls on this site do tend to bare all and there are a good selection of sets with masturbation and insertions.

There is a search-and-sort tool which simply uses a selection of drop downs and tick boxes to help you choose exactly what content you want to see. I can't fault how the tool works and it pulled up exactly the content I wanted to see each time. LSG Models also has a blog available for you to read through, which seems to be updated every day with comments on that day's video/photo update. You also have the option of signing up to its RSS feed, which allows members to be in the know of what's going on in the site. When I first hit the video section, I thought I had stumbled into the photo section instead as the resolutions were just amazing. You are able to download the videos in Quicktime (1280 x 720 or 854 x 480), WMV (1280 x 720 with a bit rate of 3.87 Mbps or 854 x 480 with a bit rate of 2.24 Mbps), MPEG Video (512 x 288) or iPod (320 x 180). The large Quicktime and WMV videos are simply spectacular and you almost feel that you are in the room with girls when you hit the play button. Each of the videos are approximately 3-4 minutes, which isn't amazingly long but with solo girls there is only so much that they can do. The videos are updated every other day on the opposite schedule to the photos, so you are never going to be without some new beautifully captured beauties. The photos come in one of three options and these are small (1000 x 664), medium (1500 x 996) and large (2000 x 1328). You are able to download the photos in one of the three aforementioned sizes and then browse through them using your operating systems photo browser. The photos are beautifully composed and lit, plus the ladies really know how to pose for the camera. Even though each of the photo sets doesn't have hundreds of different photos, each and every one that they do have are different and give you a new angle of the girl in question. The photos are updated every other day with more superb images.

A site whose content simply speaks for itself, LSG Models is an attractive site filled with elegant beauties, and I would personally recommend it to anyone looking to give their johnsons and hands a break. Considering how most websites cost about $30 a month, you won't be breaking the bank with $19.99 per month'just enough leftover to get you a nice Coldstone' ice cream cone.

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