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Lucky Amateurs

Lucky Amateurs

Review date: 1-Mar-2017 07:17. Feel like enjoying truly amateur and homemade porn? These words have really been overused, haven’t they. Lucky Amateurs brings you genuine next door material with people who are really happy to do it in front of you. Simply because they’ve never done it before! Check out real life American and European couples, 100% real first time action. Let’s see.

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Lucky Amateurs

Intro promises:
A lot of sites claim they specialize in amateur porn. You literally see it all over the internet all the time. But have you ever asked yourself how much of that stuff is truly amateur? Like, in what percentage of those flicks do you really see people with no experience in paid erotica who are just doing it for fun? Probably the percentage is pretty low. Like everything else out there, this area got too commercial, and you can see this amateur label slapped on pretty much anything. But why would anyone watch commercial stuff disguised as amateur? For any discerning consumer, this just does not cut it. We want to see real people, okay, they are not perfect, their bodies are not flawless, and sometimes they act goofy on camera. But they are genuinely turned on, and this is what makes them sexy. So, you gotta be careful out there. This new site called Lucky Amateurs seems to be safe for anyone who is into genuine next door stuff. This is the real homemade deal with unpolished-looking content, real life bodies — okay, maybe with a bit of porn stories that don’t happen in regular life all that often. But hey, you gotta throw some entertainment in there, right? To get a better picture, check out the free tour at Lucky Amateurs right now. So many sample episodes and even a downloadable video trailer!

That’s right, a downloadable video trailer. In WMV format, too. Doesn’t it evoke some nostalgia? We mean, it’s 2017, nobody does stuff like that anymore. But don’t think Lucky Amateurs is some sort of outdated crap. It’s just a fun site with a homemade feel that shows real people with no commercial porn experience having sex on camera for the first time. We really like how the site just shows you things how they are. Sometimes these people act out an imaginary scenario, perhaps a porn thing they always wanted to try. Like for example that scene with Czech people where a young boyfriend watches his cute gf getting fucked by a much older man for money. So they explore new things — but also Lucky Amateurs shows you more day to day stuff as well. You will see American as well as European couples. Not just couples, threesomes, too. Everything is as raw and unglamorous as possible. The bodies are not perfect, the pubic hair may not be trimmed that smoothly, things like that. But it really makes the whole thing even hotter. There are photos and videos, and everything is downloadable, just like in the good old days. If you want to see real people having real sex and you don’t need all the plastic and polished stuff people call porn these days, Lucky Amateurs could just be the right choice.

Give Lucky Amateurs a try, it sort of breathes new life into the whole amateur homemade porn thing. Real life couples and just random people from America and Europe explore their sexuality on video, act out porn scenarios they always wanted to explore, or just get it on with their partners. The videos look raw and not glamorous at all. However, they do come in high definition, and the site is modern and loaded with features. Give it a try today!

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