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Maggie Marx

Maggie Marx

Review date: 9-Mar-2016 08:34. Maggie Marx is that cute sexy blonde you’ve been hearing about on the internet lately. Now this plaything has got herself a personal site and this place offers great photo, video, and live show opportunities. Why don’t you discover what this up and coming blonde starlet is all about? She’s got the body, the personality, the attitude. Now she only needs you to make it all complete!

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Maggie Marx

Intro promises:
Seriously, internet? You’re going to tease us with pictures and videos with this smoking hot coed Maggie Marx and that would be the end of the whole thing? No way. For those of you who haven’t heard or seen anything about her, Maggie Marx is a model who has quite a set. First, she’s got this classic blonde beauty about her, a whole lot of woman for sure. Then, she’s young, she’s cool, she’s fun, and she’s also a bit of a fitness freak. Combine all these and you have a can’t miss thing in the solo site department! Maggie Marx has recently launched her much-awaited personal site, and by has recently launched we mean launched like days ago. So it’s super fresh and here for the taking. Maggie Marx is a non-nude model who is ready to deliver some tasty teasing as she explores different aspects of her physical looks and personality. We’re talking photos, videos, and webcam shows here, so yeah, the whole package. The tour at Maggie Marx which is also the easily remembered name of her brand new official site lets you get just enough of the fun she’s offering to start wanting to see the whole thing. There’s a video trailer, a whole bunch of image-based previews, some sample stories, and, most importantly, that romantic air which really can be a total heart-stopper. Let’s just see more of this fine young lady!

If you feel a girl with great looks and matching personality doesn’t have to be naked to be sexy, Maggie Marx is your girl. She’s also your girl if you are into blondes who are into fun and living an active life. Maggie Marx is a lovely blonde coed who just wants everything awesome which is out there. Members of her very personal and no less official site see her in all sorts of stories, always with a sexy teasing twist. Whether she’s making cupcakes, working out, taking a hot bubbly bath, or is just being silly at home, it’s always quite a heart-stopper. She never gets fully naked, but you do get juicy glimpses of her beautiful breasts and her tight yet curvy ass. The video episodes are not very long here, but they are overloaded with beauty, joy, cool personality, and that natural feel when you know the girl is just having a good time and isn’t faking it. Though a bit short, the movies come in flawless 1080p HD quality. The pictures are pretty cool as well, with just enough artsy and spontaneous in them to make you crave each new set. Which you, by the way, can download as a ZIP file or enjoy as a slideshow. Each and every week, Maggie Marx offers 3 exclusive updates. These include one picture set, one video episode, and a live show. Neat!

Maggie Marx is all about being blonde, playful, smart, and fit. Her classic blonde looks and explosive personality (don’t forget her smile and her sexy bits, too) will really win your heart right away. This has to be the most entertaining and satisfying non-nude solo site we have seen for a long while. Follow Maggie’s life while she models, has fun, works out, and just lives to the full, you know. The updates which happen 3 times a week and include a video, a photo set, and a live show, will keep you coming back to get more and more of Maggie Marx. There will never be enough!

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