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Maiko Creampies

Maiko Creampies

Review date: 2-Nov-2015 21:04. Oh, these Japanese freaks! They do a lot of crazy stuff, but there’s something really hot you should check out here. Young Japanese girls and creampies all the way up their tiny hairy boxes! Maiko Creampies here pretty much sets new quality standards for the entire scene with its uncensored, full length creampie videos available for downloads in native HD quality.

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Maiko Creampies

Intro promises:
Some things were just made for each other. Burgers and fries, toast and jam, proms and drunk sex, and last but not least, tiny Japanese teenage pussies and big, sticky, messy creampies. We guess you would agree with us here. Not touching upon the first three pairs, let’s have a look at the last one. Somehow we realized it takes a bit of Japanese creampie porn to understand the beauty of the entire internal cumshot thing. Heck, these pervy Asian teenies are always game for it. They seem to love the warm filling sticky feeling in there! They also keep their boxes nice and bushy, something to like for sure. So, Japanese teen girls and creampies! A site we have just discovered for you, Maiko Creampies, cares for those fans of the entire Japanese creampie thing who don’t want to settle for the same overexposed stuff, lame quality and ripoff sites which overpromise and underdeliver. Apparently Maiko Creampies is very different in every possible aspect. Start with the site’s neat, glowing free tour area which has quite a bunch of episodes laid out in front of you. Stylish and sexy, huh? We didn’t find a video preview, but the free tour pages still tell you quite a bit about the site. It has videos, it has iPad friendly videos, it has categories, and hey, it has cute girls getting creampied!

You know what? Turns out everything you saw in the tour is actually true. Maiko Creampies is one nicely and solidly built unit with a handy and good-looking member area. We’d say it’s the best creampie site out there we have recently seen. With dozens and dozens of ultra cute Japanese teen models and 50+ minute videos available for each, and for some, even several such videos, this is nothing short of amazing. Those of you who have tried to find some worthy Japanese teen creampie porn and came across only the censored stuff with these stupid blurred areas, rejoice. Maiko Creampies is probably a non-Japanese site only in this. In other words, you’ll see plenty of uncensored Japanese teen pussy closeups. After and before these tiny sushi boxes get creampied, and right in the middle of the process, too! The highest quality you get is MP4 as MOV files, or you can go for WMVs, too. The honest, no-DRM downloads let you keep these goodies forever. There are video and picture episodes here at the same time. The latter offer around 400 images of very nice quality. All in all you get to see around 50 exclusive episodes right now. With regular updates and access to extra bonus scenes from the same company, it’s quite a deal. If you are into creampies, fresh Japanese girls, exclusive videos and multi-format HD downloads, well, there you go!

Maiko Creampies may be everything you want from a Japanese teen creampie site. Its uncensored videos come in very nice 720p quality, and they are easily loaded into your portable device, whatever that device is. The girls are lovely and all of the creampie scenes are of course totally hot and unfaked. Over 50 different varities of sex Japanese sushi await you as they are getting some hot sticky sauce right into them. An honest, generous and very customer-friendly site we wholeheartedly recommend if Japanese teen creampies are your thing.

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