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Male Celebs

Male Celebs

Review date: 28-Oct-2017 09:14. Male Celebs boasts over '65,000 Nude Celeb Photos' and that number just might actually seem a little low after members lose hour after hour on this site searching for clandestine and totally voyeuristic shots of their favorite star's naughty bits.

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Male Celebs

Intro promises:
The homepage is overly busy and offers (simultaneously) celebrity birthday updates (both male and female), PG-13 galleries featuring athletes from different sports, soap star, rock star, and rapper updates; Hollywood insider articles, mainstream movie reviews, and hardcore gay video galleries.

There is a search box in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage where members can plug in the names of their favorite screen fantasies from either blockbuster films or adult releases. Alec Baldwin's page, for instance, has over 100 photos (81 of which are classified as 'semi-nude/nude') and two hazy video clips of him baring his ass or his package in films that he himself would probably rather forget he ever made in the first place. Clearly, there is a ton of content here, but some of it repeats and very often it is pulled directly from a television screen (which seems kinda weird) so the quality is not very consistent. Below all of the links for these photos is a lengthy, gossipy biography that chronicles his collegiate hopes of being a lawyer to his well-publicized divorce from Kim Basinger followed by an extensive filmography. Currently, there is a special section dedicated to Colin Farrell and his recent court appearances surrounding an alleged sex tape recorded with an ex that was never intended for commercial distribution. There are links to PDF articles about the case as well as a copy of the original complaint. Because of the prevalence of this type of content, users may find themselves in the strange position of having to decide between satisfying their curiosity about their favorite celebrity or scratching the libidinous itch that brought them to Male Celebs in the first place.

Membership with Male Celebs includes free access to MenThunder, NakedSoldier, NavyMeat, and MaleStars (this last one might look just a bit like MaleCelebs, but this will likely not be cause for complaint). The XXX bonus videos are mostly military, or just uniform, clips taken from full-length releases produced any time between the 70s and the present. Some of the bonus sites redirect to blatantly hetero content and other links were wholly unavailable. The photo galleries are never ending and feature muscular men getting off in flipbook style, frame-by-frame. Series of actual fucking are interspersed throughout the thumbnails, so stay alert at all times! (Look left, look right, and keep a clear head as you troll through the fields of grainy images.) Male Celebs is a strange cross between tabloid and titillation that may be hazardous to your social life.

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