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Male Spectrum Games

Male Spectrum Games

Review date: 28-Sep-2012 07:37. Step outside of all boundaries and create your very own gay sex experience with Male Spectrum Games. So much more than your average paysite, this incredible place offers a downloadable 3D gay sex game with tons of built-in and extra features and possibilities, plus immense social opportunities and much more. If you miss out on this, you’ll be totally hating yourself from then on.

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Male Spectrum Games

Intro promises:
You’ve seen pictures, you know what videos look like, and if you’re into different kinds of stuff, you may also not be a stranger to computer-generated 3D graphics. Nothing is wrong with these types of content, after all, we love ourselves some steamy gay porn of these kinds on a daily basis. Still, if you’re looking for something to be completely blown away with, try Male Spectrum Games. The name may sound too official and distant, but the experience this incredible product creates couldn't be any more personal. This site is brand new and we predict a really awesome future for it. It’s a game set in a 3D world of your choice where you create your dream guy and put him through all the super hardcore sex with all kinds of men that he can handle. Oh wait, he’s a 3D character, he can handle anything. This is the beauty of it. It all may seem too complex, but start discovering Male Spectrum Games by browsing the tour, and you’ll see how easy it is. The tour offers several 3D animation previews and important site facts – enough to get started, and get horny as well. If you’re ready to craft your very own experience in your very own world filled with men looking exactly how you want them to and doing everything you want as well, let’s get going.

It’s sort of hard to review Male Spectrum Games, not only because it’s really far from your average photo and video based paysite but also because we’re still tremendously aroused by this whole thing. Male Spectrum Games lets you download a small piece of software which is free to try. It works in this way, you create characters, put them in available locations, set up the action and ‘film’ it from any angle and in any way that you want. It’s all computer-generated 3D, of course, and even though it’s not exactly Hollywood material, the characters look real enough to get you hard immediately. The sexual details look particularly mind-blowing, all this digital cum flying in the digital faces… Anyway, the more you stay a member and the more points you earn, the more options, features and locations you unlock. The variety is incredible. Go for slow, sensual sex on the beach or for a crazy, intense, painful adventure in a BDSM dungeon – or anything in between. Create your own characters with skin color, hair, body type and dick size that you prefer. Let these characters fuck till it’s either you or them is totally spent. Oh wait, we forgot they’re fictional 3D graphics characters again. Well, it is going to be you who will be totally spent then. With hot action that you direct, this will never be too far away.

Male Spectrum Games is yet another piece of evidence that porn, or at least gay porn, is alive and kicking ass. The site, or better say the product is an endless gay sex adventure where you create your own 3D characters and let them fuck till you can’t take another minute of hot action – in the way and in the locations of your choice. The site offers a seamless experience which only gets more interesting as you discover more and earn more points. Add exciting social features and you can pretty much have the coolest thing which has ever happened to gay porn right here on your hands. Try this, it’s free, and it’ll get you hooked right away!

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